President Obama Signs 'Secret Directive' On Cybersecurity

from the it's-so-secure-it's-secret dept

While we're hearing that the Senate is likely to take up (though not pass) the Cybersecurity Act yet again either today or tomorrow, and the White House is still sitting on a cybersecurity "executive order," in the meantime it's being reported that President Obama has signed a "secret directive" to allow the military to "act more aggressively to thwart cyberattacks." This is limited to the military, but that means we're talking about the NSA (which is a part of the Defense Department). Considering that it seems to view a stronger offensive effort (i.e., collecting all data) a key part of a strong "defense," this is worrisome.

The really troubling part in all of this is the really unnecessary level of secrecy. We keep being told scary bogeyman stories about online attacks without any evidence or proof. And now the President is signing a "secret" order allowing the military to do more in response? Without any real scrutiny, it's not difficult to see how these things expand unceasingly and are wide open for abuse. Given the NSA's track record here, it's inevitable that these efforts will be massively abused.

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    Anonymous Coward, 15 Nov 2012 @ 3:16pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    I highly doubt that these people who think theres nothing wrong with these bill actually have the morals or self control not to do it regradless of permission, with the recent cia firing and bengazai testifying, plus the numerous other examples, its clear they already poses the, this is and will always be a law brought up to justify something, past, present, or future.
    Your government is out of control, and its leading the rest of the world down the drain pipe
    There are few americans i would call friend, those in liberty have mine by default, and my respect and my support, whenever, however i can.......i wish you guys the strenght to fight the apathy, but will never begrudge if you fall back, as they say, you can never unlearn what you see, read, or hear.........the fire of liberty rages on.....its, its own beast, doesnt seem like it wants to get put out.

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