Chat With 'No Safe Harbor' Editor This Week

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As mentioned last month, the Techdirt Book Club book of the month was No Safe Harbor. On Wednesday, we're going to interview the editor of the book, Andrew Norton. Like last time, we're going to try to do it via Google Hangouts, so it'll be done over video and audio. Last time, however, we realized it was a bit awkward to try to take questions in real time, so this time we'd prefer that you submit questions ahead of time. We'll broadcast it live, have the recording up, and try to put the recording up as a podcast for those who want to download it that way. Also, tomorrow we'll be announcing the next book in our book club, so stay tuned...

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    Anonymous Coward, 11 Sep 2012 @ 1:10am

    Perhaps you can host the thing over at Step2, because it's almost a week without any activity over there. I guess the profits are rolling in, right?

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      btrussell (profile), 12 Sep 2012 @ 6:40pm


      You'll never get ahead in life if you can't see value beyond $ $ign$.

      When I greet someone with a smile and a "good morning," they smile back and we both have enriched days. Chances are they will also greet the next person they meet with a smile. So, my one morning smile, brings cheer to many throughout the day. You can't put a $ amount on that and I share smiles freely.

      Sad that people like you will never enjoy life to its' fullest.

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