Iceland Forms A New Government… Without The Pirate Party

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Last month, we recognized that while it was still a long shot, it was interesting that the Iceland Pirate Party actually had a chance to form the new government there. A few previous efforts had failed and the job had fallen to the Pirate Party. However, it didn’t take long for reports to leak out that the Pirate Party was having trouble building a coalition that would form the new government. And now a new government has been formed without the Pirate Party as part of the coalition:

Iceland’s center-right Independence, Reform and Bright Future parties have agreed to form a coalition government and will give parliament a vote on whether to hold a referendum on joining the European Union.

Together, the coalition will hold 32 of the 63 seats in parliament. The Independence Party will have 21 seats, making it the largest party in the coalition.

This was always the most likely result — as these groups also got the first crack at trying to form a coalition, and couldn’t make it work at the time. That was part of what left an opening for the Pirate Party to try. It certainly would have been interesting to see what a Pirate Party-led Iceland would have been able to do — especially in a time where we really could use a haven for freedom of expression, internet freedom and privacy. But, alas, it didn’t happen this time around.

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Comments on “Iceland Forms A New Government… Without The Pirate Party”

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Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Re:

That would be a petty and profoundly undemocratic thing for the Pirates to do. They couldn’t lead because they wouldn’t lead: Birgitta Jónsdóttir didn’t even want to be Prime Minister, she wanted to sit back and make sure the Pirates stayed true to their principles. That’s not how leading is done. I really hope they don’t do what amounts to throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their own way.

Sometimes “your own way” is the wrong. Damn. Way. Anarchy doesn’t scale, people!

Anonymous Coward says:

“However, it didn’t take long for reports to leak out that the Pirate Party was having trouble building a coalition that would form the new government. And now a new government has been formed without the Pirate Party as part of the coalition:”

Meanwhile in Hollywood the sound of popping champagne corks and roars of laughter were heard!

Ninja (profile) says:

It is sad. The Pirates are an attempt to improve the system from within the system. It’s by no means an easy challenge considering the system itself works against them. I personally sympathize with the Pirate movement around the world and while there have been failures (Sweden of all places) there are pretty good experiences in other places.

I’m cheering on their success. May the failures be used as knowledge to keep improving.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Re:

I want Pirates to be involved in the representation of every nation on earth. However, to actually do that, they’ll have to learn about how the administration of a state is actually done instead of trying to impose anarchist principles on All The Things!, which is what they are currently doing. In case we haven’t noticed, this doesn’t work in real life.

The thing to learn, then, is how to ensure that Pirate principles are compatible with the administration of a state-level democracy, otherwise we’ll only ever be a noisy pressure group.

Anonymous Coward says:

And the reason it didn’t happen for TPP was nothing other than the fear of the other parties having to do something new instead of going, yet again, down that same old conventional road, the one that line’s politicians pockets with the usual, self-serving payments, while kicking the people they are supposed to be representing under the bus!

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