Pirates Trying To Form New Icelandic Government

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All year long, there have been reports talking about how the Pirate Party in Iceland were poised to take control over the Icelandic government in the elections. Many publications acted like it was a foregone conclusion. However, if anything should be obvious this year, what the polls and the press are telling you about likely outcomes of elections should be taken with a large grain of salt. So we didn’t report on it — even after the election when the Pirate Party did well, but still came in third place. However, with the top two parties failing to build a coalition to form a new government, the Iceland Pirates have been given a shot and they’re hard at work trying to build a coalition that will form the government.

Of course, this still isn’t a guarantee — and there’s already talk of having to hold another election, but hopefully the Pirates can put together something. While it does feel like many people involved in Pirate Parties have underestimated what it actually takes to govern, it would certainly be interesting — especially in Iceland — to see what they could do.

The party appears to be taking a measured approached to a task viewed by many as exceeding urgent and pressing. Members of the parliamentary party spent all weekend discussing the issues between themselves, with no representatives of any other parties involved.

?We don?t want this this to be a rushed or botched job. We want to do things properly,? says Pirate MP Einar Aðalsteinn Brynjólfsson.

?Of course, it is time for a new government to be formed ? otherwise we could be heading for a constitutional crisis. The current government is a caretaker government with a limited mandate.?

Hopefully the parties can work out their differences and create a coalition government led by the Pirates. Icleand has swung back and forth on the pendulum of supporting true internet freedom in the past, but having the Pirates in charge could lead to some interesting and worthwhile experiments. And, in an age where too much reasonable anger at old line politicians is being directed towards ultra-nationalistic campaigners who tend to look backwards rather than forward, it will be worthwhile to see what a party with a truly forward looking agenda could accomplish.

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Comments on “Pirates Trying To Form New Icelandic Government”

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Antonio García (user link) says:

Sadly, they have not done much...

Sadly, they have #NOT done much to show commitment to #rationality, #ethics and #TRUTH in handling the #OWN Pirate Community wrongdoings when asked to.



Mail to Birgitta Jónsdóttir, unanswered:

Can we trust them to do to Icelandic Democracy what they did not want to do for themselves?

Feed my Ego says:

Re: Sadly, you can't stop complaining...

I’ve read through your links (can I have those 10 minutes of my life back please?) and have arrived at the conclusion that you are little more than a serial complainer.

Antonio, nobody’s asking you to trust the Icelandic Pirate Party. It’s their elections, just as yours are based in Spain and mine are based in the UK. They don’t need to answer to us.

Instead of throwing your toys out of your pram and essentially harassing Pirate Party members around the world, why don’t you try and do something constructive with your time/life?

The Icelandic Pirate Party are not responsible for the actions of PPI. And even if they were I wouldn’t blaming them for ignoring you as you clearly show no respect with your pages and pages and pages of painful and boring waffle. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were a troll.

You truly are retarded.

Antonio García (user link) says:

Re: Re: Sadly, you can't stop complaining...

A 10 minute read as an excuse to declare someone retarded ;(.

You, sir, are a true actual pirate!

FYI, This situation evolved out of what the General Assembly of the Pirate Parties International did, and did not, rationally or irrationally do with a bid from the “Catalan” Pirate Party to become a full member of it, in 2012.

They did “meddle” in Spanish Pirate affairs, with intrusions beyond rationality, logic and ethic.

And if things are still pending in 2016, four years later, it was not MY choice ;(.

The Icelandic Pirate Party is of course responsible of NOTHING ;(. Birgitta NEVER visited Spain, taking sides.

And while the Icelandic Pirate Party left the PPI, it was asking to rejoin it because it wanted to leverage its membership towards these past elections. I had to convince them that this would not be a good idea ;).

Of course, I am free to choose, with my own criteria, whatever I see most fit to fill my timeline with. Shoving a chimney pipe up my ass as the PPI did in 2012 and beyond… makes them keep my attention as long as, following my same own criteria, I do not find anything more worth of my attention for at least a part of my time.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Iceland needs a leader

I want her to succeed but that’ll only happen when she realises that you can’t govern by committee; a sovereign state needs leadership.

As it is, she’s actually said she doesn’t want to be prime minister, she wants to ensure that the party stays true to its principles. Okay, I get the problem with a lack of experience and understand that she may see the value of taking a back seat till she knows what she’s doing but she was handed a mandate and she’s copping out. Hippie ideals don’t cut it in the real world; anarchy doesn’t scale. Leadership requires that you take responsibility for your party, and in her case, your country. If she’s going to hand the job to a coalition partner and attempt to steer from the back seat she may find that doesn’t work out too well. Iceland needs a leader and per Ms. Jónsdóttir’s own comments it’s unlikely to be her. 🙁

Funnily enough, she’s already having to compromise on dearly-held principles:


If she’s willing to take up the reins of administration and get the other four parties on side there may well be hope of staving off another election.


Frozen Njal (profile) says:

Re: Reform System

But the Prime Minister is an integral part of a parliamentary democracy. You may as well say that a King should be separate from being part of a Kingdom. That’s why many countries have both a Queen/President/Chancellor, and a Prime Minister. The PM comes from the Parliament, and forms a government from the elected representatives, in whichever combination they

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