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It's SXSW Voting Time

from the if-you'd-like-to-see-me-speak dept

It's that time of the year again, where the SXSW PanelPicker opens up for public voting. This year, I just pitched one session, for SXSWfilm, which I'm pretty excited about if it gets chosen. Rather than a typical panel, it's going to be an open brainstorming session for filmmakers, trying to come up with cool plans to better "connect with fans" and give those fans a "reason to buy." I'm really excited about the team that's ready to take part in this workshop, as they've got a ton of experience and smarts in this field, including filmmaker/author Jon Reiss (who beyond his long career in film has also written books like Think Outside the Box Office and regularly holds similar workshops), indie film marketer Sheri Candler (who is also writing a book with Reiss entitled Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul) and filmmaker/consultant Ross Pruden, who (among other things) runs the #infdist panel on Twitter, which is an ongoing conversation on how to better connect with fans and give people reasons to buy. If we get picked, it should be a blast.

Separately, while I didn't organize it, Alex Wright was kind enough to add me to his panel on Creative Business Models Beyond Copyright for SXSWinteractive. The idea behind this panel is to get people -- especially smaller businesses or those just starting out -- to think outside the box about alternative business models that go beyond just relying on copyright. Once again, I imagine it'll be a fun discussion. If you'd like to see me speak at SXSW, please vote for those two panels. Thanks!

Some other potentially interesting panels (I have no association with any of these, they just looked interesting scrolling through the list): I'm sure there are plenty of others, but those are the ones that caught my eye...

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