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by Mike Masnick

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Whether You're BP Or A Petty Criminal, Photoshopping Yourself To Look Sympathetic Probably Isn't Wise

from the just-a-tip dept

Slashdot pointed us to this fun story about a scam artist who tried to get leniency from a judge by showing him photos of charity work he had done. The only problem? He Photoshopped himself into the photos and also forged letters from those charitable organizations. Not surprisingly, the judge didn't take too kindly to it, and gave him 285 months in prison -- 50 more than the sentencing guidelines allow -- because of the attempt to defraud the court.

Of course, I was thinking of doing a post on just that, when Karl Bode pointed me to the news that BP has also been caught messing around with Photoshopped images. Apparently, the images that BP has released of its oil spill "command center" are really, really, poorly Photoshopped. After being called on it, BP denied it, then sorta admitted it, but won't explain the details. Then, to make matters worse, it got caught with another Photoshopped image.

So, whether you're a petty criminal, or a giant multi-billion dollar multi-national, perhaps you should layoff the Photoshop when trying to make yourself look sympathetic.

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