by Mike Masnick

FTC Considers Naming And Shaming Adware Advertisers

from the one-way-to-go-about-things dept

A couple years ago, Ben Edelman helped make lots of people aware that one of the reasons why surreptitiously installed adware products were so common was that plenty of big name companies were spending a lot of money advertising through them. Often, there were middlemen between the big companies and the adware, but it was a weak excuse for companies to claim they didn't know where their ads were appearing. Last year, Eliot Spitzer even talked about shifting some of his investigation into adware companies towards those companies who advertised on them, to see if some of the blame could be put in that direction. Nothing ever came of that, but now, apparently the FTC is considering a policy to name and shame companies who advertise in surreptitious adware. It certainly would help get them past the plausible deniability aspect of having the ads bought by third parties. Since being outed has already scared off some big name advertisers from advertising in surreptitiously installed adware offerings, it seems like this type of policy could work -- though, if they falsely named someone that could cause some pretty big problems as well.

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    Sohrab, 9 Feb 2006 @ 11:23pm

    No Subject Given

    its a good step though i think to narrow down the adware one more notch

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      MKam, 10 Feb 2006 @ 4:19am

      What about old-fashioned spam

      I came out of my apartment the other day and someone had stuck flyers under all the windshield wipers in the parking lot. (really big annoyance because everyone just pulls them out and the entire parking lot is littered with the paper) The 'big-name' company that was represented was Bed Bath & Beyond.

      If they still haven't stopped advertising this way, then I doubt shaming them will stop the spyware/adware associated advertising.

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    Anonymous Coward, 10 Feb 2006 @ 7:50am

    No Subject Given

    They should do the same with companies offshoring jobs.

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    Anonymous Coward, 10 Feb 2006 @ 9:36am

    No Subject Given

    I think this is the glaring weakness of anti-spam legislation. I haven't seen any legislation that goes after the companies that benefit from the spam which is simply idiotic. If you want to stop most spam, you need to eliminate the financial incentive.

    If companies that compensate spammers in any way were held financially liable, my inbox would be alot less crowded.

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  • identicon
    david, 24 Feb 2008 @ 3:47pm

    Scam Alert, Jerry Moore, Electronic Target Limited

    I ordered 5 playstation 3\'s off this man and company, paid for them using paypal, so then i was told that after making the payment id have to pay more moeny, so i did.
    Thinking i was going to receive my items i phoned the courier company to ask them to arrange a delivery time.
    I was told by them that they wouldnt be delivering to me cause JERRY MOORE had told them to send them back to him.
    I phoned Jerry Moore and he denied it.
    I phoned the courier company back and they didnt answer, JERRY MOORE HAS MY MONEY BUT WONT GIVE IT BACK.
    He says i have tosend him another £500 to get my packages.

    He has lied to me 100\'s of times, and i have caught him out on so many lies.
    He has basically admitted to me that he has scammed me for over £3000.
    I have phoned the courier company EXPRESS-DELIVERY but they are scammists aswell and they refuse to answer my calls, Therecompany is called EXPRESS-DELIVERYAND THERE WEBSITE IS, www.express-delivery.org
    If you do decide to buy off this company whatever you do DONT PAY BY WESTERN UNION.

    This man is a complete criminal and will take you for all you have got.
    I am not the only one who has been ripped off by this company and this guy.
    If you search in google and input JERRY MOORE SALE AND LOGISTICS, and see anything from Playstation 3\'s, Xbox, Mobile Phones then you will see all of there ads.
    They have even been kicked off the EC21 Website for scamming people.

    There is a girl who is working with him aswell her name is janet so if you speak to her then you are being scammed aswell,
    One bloke told me that he sent money by western union and cause he didnt get his items he said if he could have his money back and they refused point blank. They say thy are based in Usa but on some websites they say they are based in Usa, Africa, Nigeria, Asia.
    Now if anyone knows anything about Scamming then they will clearly know that people who say they from nigeria are scammists.
    He is a criminal and the police are involved.
    Please everyone, dont buy off him or the company


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