Who Does Political Spam Influence? And In Which Direction?

from the get-real dept

The folks at some anti-spam company actually seem to think people will believe their bogus study suggesting that political spam will impact the election. That seems highly unlikely. While it certainly looks like voters on all sides are making their decisions on some fairly questionable and misleading info, it seems highly unlikely, whoever you're voting for, that it was some piece of random spam that influenced your choice. The article also doesn't seem to distinguish actual email messages from campaigns with straight out spam -- as both are discussed in the article. On a personal note here are two political "spam" stories that I'm dealing with this election week. Last Friday I received a political email from a relative who I haven't spoken to in months, which was cc'd to 30 or so folks who I don't know at all. Now, my Inbox is full of angry shouting back and forth, screaming all the talking points, half-truths and out-of-context spin we've all been having shoved down our throats for the past few months from both major parties. It's completely clogged up my inbox, making it much harder to find other emails... such as the one from one of the two major political parties (why bother naming which one) clearly sent to my email address (from which you should be able to distinguish what my name is), but addressing me as "Dennis Chuck." I know that (tragically) political spam is exempt from CAN SPAM, but what this certainly seems like spam to me. I certainly didn't sign up for political messages from this (or any) political party -- and if I did, it wouldn't be using the name Dennis Chuck. So, either someone else signed me up, or (more likely) they bought a bogus email list from a spammer with all sorts of junk like that in it. Apparently politicians haven't learned about double-opt out. Either way, one thing is clear: the only thing this political spam is influencing me on is that our politicians continue to be somewhat clueless when it comes to technology.

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