by Mike Masnick

eBay Testing Sales Of Downloadable Songs

from the this-ought-to-be-interesting... dept

Remember last year when someone tried to sell their legally purchased iTunes song on eBay? Based on the right of first sale, it should be perfectly legal, but there were plenty of thorny questions brought up. In fact, they were so thorny that eBay killed the auction. Now, via Engadget, we learn that eBay may be reconsidering. They're testing a program where people will be able to sell their digital downloads under very specific circumstances. Also, while there may be a right of first sale, there isn't a right of second sale: eBay won't let anyone resell a digital download they bought -- so buyer beware. Update: Since there's a bit of confusion, my use of "second sale" here is a very bad joke, that clearly no one is getting. Please stop the emails and comments. I know what the right of first sale means. I will also stop trying to make jokes.

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