by Mike Masnick

Cuba Cracking Down On Internet Use

from the everything-must-stay-as-it-was-half-a-century-ago dept

Two years ago, we had an article about the things people in Cuba needed to do to access the internet. It usually involved buying "access cards" on the blackmarket and then dialing up from home where they have access to some (but not all) websites. As it stands, it's almost entirely illegal for Cuban citizens to get on the internet. Well, it seems that some folks in the Cuban government have decided that even this amount of sneaky internet access is too much, and are starting to block dialup access to the internet over their phone lines.

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  • identicon
    Kevin, 10 Jan 2004 @ 3:57pm

    Cuba is the greatest

    Hollywood loves Cuba, and NPR is, right now, sponsoring tourist trips to Cuba, how could they be wrong :/

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