by Mike Masnick

Nigeria Says They'll Crack Down On 419 Scams

from the believe-it-when-I-see-it dept

Nigerian government officials, realizing that most of the world now views them as "email scam central" is vowing to crack down on the infamous 419 scams, that some consider to be one of the nation's largest industries. They say they've already arrested a bunch of people, but plan to step up the efforts to catch those involved. We'll see what actually happens.

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    Beck, 26 Nov 2003 @ 4:33pm

    Pen Pals for the Lonely

    That's too bad, I have found it a wonderful way to make new friends in far away places.

    I have been corresponding with Madam Marie Kabila, widow of the late Laurent Kabila, former president of the Congo. A dozen letters have gone back and forth. She is making arrangements to ship two boxes full of money to me from a security company in Spain. The company does not know that the boxes contain 25 million in cash. Right now she is mad at me because I haven't made arrangements to pay for the shipping. Were you aware that it costs $45,000 to ship two boxes from Spain? My goal is to get her to send me money to help pay the shipping costs. Is it a crime to scam a scammer?

    I have also had correspondence with Amina Amin, the widow of Idi, and various other government officials.

    It's interesting, when they type up a contract and send it as a Word document you can go into the document properties and see their real name.

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  • identicon
    w.h., 26 Nov 2003 @ 6:04pm

    No Subject Given

    They've already made that claim, maybe a year or two back. I'm sure that nobody will be surprised that it hasn't helped.

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