Interesting Questions In RIAA/Verizon Case

from the looking-a-bit-deeper dept

We already wrote that the Verizon/RIAA case was going back to court today, but the reports coming out about the questions being asked in court are quite interesting. They're not focusing on the privacy issue, the way Verizon would like. However, they are looking closely at the DMCA subpoena set up. Also, it looks like they're not rolling over lightly for either side. One of the judges pointed out that Verizon has "profited from piracy", which Verizon responded was not the real issue. However, when pressing the RIAA, the judge asks: "Isn't is equivalent to my leaving the door to my library open? Somebody could come in and copy my books but that doesn't mean I'm liable for copyright infringement." While it's (obviously) unclear how the judges will rule, at least they're asking thoughtful questions.

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