File-Sharers Get Angry… With Kazaa

from the nice-try dept

It’s no surprise that those accused of file sharing by the RIAA are angry. However, the latest tactic is not to be angry with the RIAA or themselves for doing something illegal. Instead, they’re trying to pin the blame on Kazaa for making file sharing so easy. They’re claiming (not very convincingly) that they figured it must be legal since it was so easy. This sort of outrage is misdirected, but expected. It’s no secret that I think the music industry should embrace file sharing and not sue its own customers, however, I don’t deny that these people broke the law and should take responsibility for what they’ve done. Blaming Kazaa isn’t the answer, and only makes it more likely that politicians will feel compelled to say that the technology itself is illegal. As the article points out people know better than to blame Xerox when someone photocopies a book.

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Comments on “File-Sharers Get Angry… With Kazaa”

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Dave (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Answer: YES!

Just look at all the law suits out there and tell me it isn’t. “Woman sues McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee on herself” is a perfect example. Another is “Two boys shoot passing cars and claim they were acting out a part of the game Grand Theft Auto”.

It’s easy to blame something else.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

You’re right. It was a LOT more than just “spilling coffee”…it was more about the fact that a group of 12 people sympathized with the woman (notice, she was NOT a victim, unless you consider someone harmed by their own negligence a victim) and awarded her for her negligence.

I don’t drink coffee, but I sure as hell know that it’s to be served hot. I have yet to see a McDonalds in the US selling Iced coffee (although I will say I did see it in Europe when travelling there a few years ago).

thecaptain says:


People are stupid…film at 11.

In other news, water is wet. A shocking discovery.

Thank god we live in the land of the free! Where I did all this bad stuff because of a corporation, booze, credit cards who make it easy to gamble…not my fault. Yessiree, we are soooo free! I was forced to do this..its not my fault.

*sigh* I thought I had seen it all but THIS is just stupid.

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