Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Court Again Tells Verizon To Reveal Names Of Suspected Pirates

from the bad-ruling dept

And, so it goes... A US District Court has ruled that Verizon needs to reveal the names of their customers that the RIAA accuses of file sharing - even though, they're not hosting any content on Verizon's computers. Verizon, of course, is fighting this battle because they're now afraid they're going to get swamped with such requests. However, they've also brought up a very important issue: which is that these requests can be seen as privacy violations. The RIAA just needs to file such a request on anyone they suspect, and Verizon needs to cough up their private info. Anyway, the case is still being appealed to higher levels, but the judge has now said that Verizon can't even wait until the appeal is heard. Instead, they're supposed to give up the name within the next 14 days. Verizon is (of course) appealing this ruling as well.

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