Can Enhanced CDs Be The DVDs Of The Music Industry?

from the starting-to-catch-on? dept

We've had articles about enhanced CD technologies like SACD and DVD-A before. Almost all of the articles talking about them have been pretty skeptical of their ability to catch on - mainly because most people consider the quality of current CDs to be "good enough", and don't like the ridiculous copy protection found on these new CDs. The New York Times, however, has the first article I've seen that seems to predict a brighter future for these enhanced CDs. The music industry wants them to succeed, for obvious reasons, and are getting ready to make a major marketing push on their behalf. A lot of their strategies come from seeing what a huge success DVDs have been for the movie industry. The music industry is gearing up to rerelease plenty of classic albums on SACD, including all sorts of "extras" - just like DVDs. While I'm still a bit skeptical, this article does make the strategy seem more sensible.

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    Anonymous Coward, 13 Mar 2003 @ 3:13am

    No Subject Given

    i just wish some of the more independant, creative artists, especially techno/ambient, would drop stereo cd's & move to 5.1 (dts) dvd's. it would be nice to have lots of visuals but equally 1 or 2 hours of surround sound with no picture (yes, just sound, or maybe stills) would be cool. the cost of producing & manufacturing such dvd's must be close to cd's... ? in au, dvd's are same price or cheaper than cd's ! when are the record companies going to get a clue & start releasing all the music vids from their (back) catalog on dvd's ?
    whose going to buy a new cd/dvd player for sacd ? - not me.

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