Save PDAs By Making Them More Fun

Jimmy Guterman has come up with his suggestions for ways to save the Palm OS business. The company still holds quite a large segment of the market, but it’s been dwindling, and Guterman fears the “Netscape-ization” of Palm. While he understands why the Palm OS has always been fairly straightforward, simple and somewhat boring, he thinks it’s time to change that. He believes the two most common handheld devices these days are MP3 music players and gaming handhelds (though, he gives no evidence to back this up, other than it’s what he sees on the bus). So, he thinks Palm needs to start going after those markets as well. He basically says that the Palm OS needs to “do everything that people want”. It’s sort of an odd strategy considering that almost every review of any “do everything” product points out that while they do, in fact, do everything – they don’t do anything well. Plus, the more features offered, the tougher the selling proposition can be, since people seem to focus in on one particular aspect in making a purchasing decision.

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