RIAA Hide-The-Website Game Moves To An Accounting Firm?

from the credibility-is-job-3 dept

At the beginning of the week we had a story about how the folks at the Register had tracked down the RIAA's much hacked website to the home of a guy who didn't appear to be very experienced in the world of webhosting. Now, the RIAA has kept the website moving, and instead of signing up with a firm that has some sort of reputation/experience in hosting large, heavily attacked websites, they've given it to a small accounting firm. The company, with the brilliant motto "We're... NOT... What... You'd... Expect" claims they also have a technology practice, that is introduced with the lead in phrase, "Wow, who would have thunk it." Yes, who would have "thunk" that a firm like the RIAA would trust such a firm? I wonder how much money they save by not using question marks?

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