by Mike Masnick

Does Intel Want You To Steal Music?

from the oh-come-on dept

Someone is clearly stretching for controversy on this one. A writer over at Slate is saying that the new Intel commercial is actually supporting music stealers by showing it's okay to burn your own CD. I hate to break it to the writer, but it is okay to burn your own CD. There's nothing in the ad to suggest that the CD is of pirated music at all. This just appears to be someone trying to make a controversy out of nothing. Hopefully, the music industry won't go crazy about it, but they tend to pick up on silly things like this.

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    Lawrence D’Oliveiro, 29 Oct 2017 @ 2:53am

    The Ad Is Gone

    The ads.com site is gone, and even the Wayback machine seems to have no trace of it.

    And Slate is having trouble resolving that article link, too. Luckily you can see it here.

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