VCs Don't Want Results Published

from the depends-on-the-reasoning dept

It seems that a number of VCs are upset by the plans of the University of Texas to publish financial performance numbers of VCs they've invested in. While VCs had no problem loudly promoting their results during the boom times, suddenly they're afraid that the numbers are "too complicated" for your average non-VC investor to understand. Of course, that's their way of saying that they know people are going to be upset at how much money they've lost. I'm all for getting more information out there. However, I will concede on one point: thanks to Wall Street and the press, most people now have a painfully (dangerous) short term view on investments. There is a fear that if quarter-to-quarter numbers are published for VCs that they'll be forced into making short term plays to boost their quarterly numbers rather than the long term bets they're supposed to be making. The best solution to this would be a massive, instantaneous re-education of investors to teach them how to be long term thinkers, but that doesn't seem likely.

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