Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Gary Shapiro Has More To Say About Hollywood

from the I-think-we've-found-a-spokesperson... dept

The one thing that has really been missing in the battle between the tech world and Hollywood has been a really eloquent speaker who can persuade people at the same level as a Jack Valenti or a Hilary Rosen. Most of us can see through just about everything they're saying, but for some reason plenty of people buy the distortions they lay out as truths. Now, it appears that Gary Shaprio of the Consumer Electronics Association is stepping up as someone to go against the silver tongues of Valenti and Rosen. We already posted his (now famous) speech about how downloading music is neither immoral or illegal, and chastising Hollywood for their scorched earth policy. He's now repurposed most of the points in that speech into an opinion piece for Again, he makes his points clearly. Hopefully some of the folks in Congress will start to understand that there's more to this story than what Valenti and Rosen tell you.

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