's Forced Renewal Hurts Them

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Recently automatically opted-in people who registered domains through them into their SafeRenew program – which automatically tries to renew your domain registration when it’s about to expire. The reasons they’re doing this are pretty obvious – many people (especially these days) simply let old domain names expire rather than renew them. figured this might be a nice way to cut down on that churn – and they can easily (they thought) market it as a way to make sure no one accidentally loses their domain name. Some people, though, have been complaining about it. Now, is discovering that moves such as this have unintended consequences. Right now is blaming the SafeRenew program for a high number of chargeback charges from people reversing credit card charges they didn’t agree to. They’ve now agreed to make the program “opt-in” only.

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Comments on “'s Forced Renewal Hurts Them”

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LittleW0lf says:


Dotster did the same thing, but unlike Register, at $5 a pop, I don’t have a problem having them renew my address every time it expires, so long as they don’t loose it. We’ll see how long that lasts…

Funny how sent me a $35 renewal form shortly after Dotster sent me a “we’ve renewed your domain name for you,” message. I thought wasn’t supposed to be doing that any more.

Rich Kulawiec says:

This isn't new

I’m looking at a note that I got from register?com on April 25, 2001,
about a domain that was due to expire in June 2001? Near the top of the message,
it mentions that register?com “offers” the following
renewal features: ?1? Quick Renew and ?2? SafeRenew?
It does not explain what ?2? is, but says “see below”?
Further down, it states “The domains above are
enrolled in SafeRenew [???]” and says that a charge
of $34?99 per name will be assessed unless the service is disabled?
I actually got a couple more of these before I
bothered to read far enough through the messages
to pick up on this? I transferred all my domains
away from register?com because of this sleazy
tactic AND because register?com spams its own

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