Jack Valenti On All Of Us Devilish Terrorist Thieves

from the we're-evil,-I-tell-you,-evil dept

News.com is running an interview with Jack Valenti where he calls the people who pay his salary (that would be those of us who are music consumers) "devilish", and suggests (of course) that we're thieves and possibly even terrorists (he says the industry is being "terrorized"). He also suggests that those of us who don't think what's happening is theft are somewhat dimwitted. The more he spouts off about this stuff, the less I think he really understands what's going on. Remember, this is the guy who once said that the VCR was going to destroy the movie industry - while now a huge percentage of their revenue comes from video rental and sales. It appears Valenti can't tell an opportunity from a threat even when it's been neatly tie up in a package and handed to him.

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    2Lazy2Register, 4 Apr 2002 @ 10:33am

    Ever notice?

    Have you ever noticed how much Jack Valenti looks like Slobodan Milosevic? Check out some pix of both and you'll see what I mean. I wonder if they ever been seen in the same room together...

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    Mark G, 4 Apr 2002 @ 10:57am

    Help me out here...

    John Borland: "Valenti is a talker, not a technologist. He doesn't always get the precise description of the technology right." How is this different from "Doesn't really know what he's talking about."


    Valenti: "But there's only one thing to do, and that is for all the parties--content companies, technology companies and consumer-electronics companies--to sit down and figure out how to give consumers a legitimate alternative to stealing." Might want to think about considering what those "consumers" actually want, Jack. Or am I missing something?

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