RIM To License Its Reference Platform

from the build-your-own-Blackberry dept

RIM is suddenly realizing that they don’t need to do everything themselves. They’ve decided to license their reference platform to other manufacturers so that they can include Blackberry-like functionality in their own devices. I think this is a good idea. The Blackberry still remains the best way to get wireless email – and it will be interesting to see what some mobile phone manufacturers could do with the Blackberry technology built into their phones. Related to this is a Business Week article looking at the market RIM is in and pointing out that competitors are rushing in and trying to steal away market share. Letting other people build Blackberry-like devices is probably a good way to hold onto (and possibly grow) their own market share.

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Comments on “RIM To License Its Reference Platform”

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1 Comment
John Williams says:


I’m traveling this week with my Palm i705. It has handled voluminous email quite well and is allowing me to access Techdirt as if I was on a PC (I’m travelling so I obvoiusly have time on my hands – several posts here). The 705 is an upgrade from a VII so this is the third year of being able to do this. Can you surf the Web in this manner on a RIM device?
In any case, RIM’s plans seem to be similar to Palm spinning off it’s OS assets in order to allow others to build devices.

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