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Study Shows Anti-Piracy Ads Often Made People Pirate More by 11-Aug-2022 13:02 PM (23 comments)
Thanks To Automated Copyright Claims And A Troll, Infamous CounterStrike Clip Gets A DMCA Takedown by 04-Aug-2022 15:39 PM (61 comments)
Please Don’t Normalize Copyright As A Tool For Censorship by 04-Aug-2022 12:03 PM (24 comments)
Stock Photo Company Decides To Treat ‘Pirates’ Like Humans, Rather Than Demons by 01-Aug-2022 19:47 PM (19 comments)
Why Meta’s Project To Translate Automatically Between 200 Languages Will Be Stymied By Copyright by 26-Jul-2022 19:51 PM (45 comments)
Phishing Attacks On WordPress Site Owners Disguised As Copyright Infringement Warnings by 22-Jul-2022 19:39 PM (71 comments)
Facebook Is So Sure Its Erroneous Blocking Of Music Is Right, There’s No Option To Say It’s Wrong by 21-Jul-2022 19:48 PM (61 comments)
More Issues With Copyright Enforcement At Scale: YouTube Reinstates Videos After False Claims by 15-Jul-2022 15:30 PM (59 comments)
The Journalism Competition Preservation Act Is Lose-Lose Legislation by and 14-Jul-2022 12:15 PM (77 comments)
Take-Two’s War On Its Own Modding Community Continues, Harming Take-Two by 12-Jul-2022 19:55 PM (54 comments)
Copyright Is Bananas: Case Over Copyright Of A Banana Taped To A Wall Allowed To Move Forward by 12-Jul-2022 09:22 AM (36 comments)
Data Protection Laws Prevent Recording Industry From Sending Pirate Warning Letters by 05-Jul-2022 13:41 PM (55 comments)
Wherein The Copia Institute Tells The Supreme Court Not To Let Copyright Law Destroy Free Expression, A Rare Right We Ostensibly Have Left by 28-Jun-2022 12:12 PM (18 comments)
Bungie Unmasks One Of The ‘Does’ It Sued For Fraudulent YouTube Takedowns by 24-Jun-2022 12:01 PM (21 comments)
Ed Sheeran Wins Legal Costs After ‘Shape Of You’ Verdict by 23-Jun-2022 19:45 PM (28 comments)
Twitter Successfully Quashes Sketchy Copyright Subpoena Over Billionaire’s Critic On Twitter by 21-Jun-2022 15:39 PM (233 comments)
Nintendo Shuts Down Musician’s YouTube Videos Of Metroid Covers by 16-Jun-2022 20:10 PM (96 comments)
US Copyright Small Claims Court Opens Its Doors Next Week. Two Questions Remain: Will Anyone Use It… And Is It Constitutional? by 09-Jun-2022 13:57 PM (14 comments)
I Feel The Need… The Need To File Frivolous Copyright Lawsuits To Cash In On Top Gun by 09-Jun-2022 10:46 AM (18 comments)
Taiwan Creates A New Fair Use… But For Just A Narrow Sliver Of Works by 08-Jun-2022 20:12 PM (5 comments)
Not How Any Of This Works: Mariah Carey Sued Over Title Of Song by 06-Jun-2022 15:03 PM (64 comments)
Yet Again We Remind Policymakers That “Standard Technical Measures” Are No Miracle Solution For Anything by 03-Jun-2022 15:38 PM (13 comments)
Nintendo Does Another DMCA Blitz On YouTube Video Game Music Not Available Elsewhere by 02-Jun-2022 13:58 PM (14 comments)
Are ‘Fast Movies’ Really A Substitute For The Real Thing? Or Just Good Marketing? by 01-Jun-2022 20:04 PM (249 comments)
Not Fit For Purpose: Libraries Explain How Copyright Failed Libraries During The Pandemic by 01-Jun-2022 12:09 PM (12 comments)
WIPO Blocks Wikimedia Chapters As Observers, Because China Is Mad That There’s A Taiwanese Wikimedia Chapter by 31-May-2022 12:09 PM (15 comments)
Fan’s Rare Recordings Of Lost Beatles’ Performances Can’t Be Heard, Because Copyright Ruins Everything by 25-May-2022 13:41 PM (31 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Abuse Of The DMCA To Try To Delete Online News Is Rampant by 24-May-2022 15:37 PM (28 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 321: There Are Both Smart & Dumb Ways To Improve Copyright by 24-May-2022 13:30 PM (27 comments)
Jehovah’s Witnesses Run Away From Bogus Copyright Claims After Judge Realizes They’re Just Trying To Intimidate Critics by 23-May-2022 15:46 PM (30 comments)

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