Techdirt Podcast Episode 318: The Real Beneficiaries Of Section 230

from the it's-not-about-big-tech dept

So much of the debate about Section 230 is based on an incorrect understanding of its procedural benefits, and the completely false idea that it’s a special gift to “big tech”. A new paper (which we wrote about yesterday) by Elizabeth Banker from the Chamber of Progress dives deep into the real benefits and beneficiaries of Section 230, and this week she joins us on the podcast to discuss how the law protects small companies, individuals, and free speech.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 318: The Real Beneficiaries Of Section 230”

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1 Comment

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Anonymous Coward says:

Chamber of Progress’ CEO is a crypto shill while asking for “Bold Climate Change Action” on the Chamber website. Hilarious.

But yeah, small sites and companies are innocent saints that need protecting. Look at KiwiFarms. They’re just a small forum that doxxes people and harasses them into committing suicide. That kind of free speech deserves to be protected most of all.

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