Techdirt Podcast Episode 313: The United States of Anonymous

from the who-said-that dept

Nearly three years ago, we were joined by Professor Jeff Kosseff to discuss his then-new book about Section 230, The Twenty-Six Words That Created The Internet. Now, Jeff has a new book coming out, about another internet issue that is deeply misunderstood by many people: anonymity. The United States Of Anonymous releases in two weeks, and on today’s episode Jeff joins us to discuss how the right to anonymity has shaped American values, politics, business, security, and discourse.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 313: The United States of Anonymous”

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Whocares (profile) says:

Trashdirt = questionable business practice

These people at trashdirt refuse to allow me to stop the sell of my information. Lsst zi lookedtrashdirt paid 5 trackers to monitor my internet activity m gor compensation.
So let me grt thus straight. Trashdirt refuses ti assist so selling information and tgey pay trackers gor sn end resilt compensation. What tge gell did I do???

Whocares (profile) says:

Now techdirt refuses to post my comments

Whatelse fo such “people” want I did nothing and now they are refusing contact on the number of issues that is well documented they are selling snd profiting off of the result of trackers and this is my fault. The new notmal if it is not chickenshit we do not apply it. For some this is a good score for the price of what little if any integrity any had. YOU GO TO MCDONALDS AND YOU PICK WHAT YOU WANT OFF THAT DOLLAR CALUE MENU FOR EFFORTS PROMOTING THE NEW NORMAL

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