For July 4th, Make Sure To Order Your NSA-Approved T-Shirt

from the it's-the-right-thing-to-do dept

A month ago, we took a bunch of public domain/FOIA’d NSA “security posters” from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and turned them into some pretty terrific retro style t-shirts. We’re not publishing today as it’s July 4th, and we thought: what better way to celebrate July 4th than to order some NSA-approved t-shirts (or mugs or hoodies)? They’re real conversation starters. You can see the whole collection at our Teespring store.

Of course, we’ve heard from some people that they’re not sure which NSA poster they want on a t-shirt or mug — so I thought for the holiday, I’d share some information on which ones are most popular so far. At the top of the list we’ve got the groovy “Secure All Classified Material” design:

In close second is my favorite, “Security for the Seventies.” Don’t be left behind.

Those two are by far the most popular. After that, far behind those two, we have a cluster of another 5 designs that people seem to like. There’s “Up Tight and Out of Sight” which looks more like an album cover than a security poster:

There’s “Be Sure to Vote Security” — which you can’t really argue with:

Another popular styling one is the “Lock Before You Leave” footprint:

There’s certainly something practical about the recommendation to “Tighten Security Practices”:

And finally, who can pass up this good advice: “Do Not Discuss Classified Business Outside Authorized Areas”. I have to imagine this shirt must make for quite the conversation starter…

Check them out, get a nice t-shirt, mug or hoodie — and support Techdirt in the process.

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