DHS Fusion Center Gets Request For Documents On Extremists, Decides To Hand Over Mind Control Docs Instead

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Once you release a document to a public records requesters, it’s a public record, whether you meant to release it or not. The person handling FOIA requests for the Washington State Fusion Center (a DHS/local law enforcement collaboration known more for its failures than successes) sent Curtis Waltman something unexpected back in April. Waltman asked the Fusion Center for records pertaining to Antifa and white supremacy groups. He did get those records. But he also got something titled “EM effects on human body.zip.”

Instead of intel and assessments on local Antifa/white supremacists, Waltman found things like this:

And this:

The files did not appear to have been generated by any government agency, but rather collected from other sources who thought there might be some way the government could control minds using electronic stimulation or “remote brain mapping.” Why the Fusion Center had them on hand remains a mystery, as does their attachment to a FOIA request containing nothing about electronic mind manipulation.

This inadvertent disclosure has led to more requests for the same documents. Only this time, requesters — like Joshua Eaton of ThinkProgress — are asking specifically for government mind control files. It appears the Fusion Center first thought about withholding some mind control docs, but somewhere along the line decided it couldn’t pretend the documents that weren’t supposed to be released hadn’t actually been released.

An email chain in the release [PDF] to Eaton contains an apology from the staffer who accidentally sent Waltman the mind control files.

Good afternoon Gretchen,

First of all I want to apologize the same way I apologize with my supervisor Lt Boyle and [redacted] I do not like to give excuses but I really sent this without intention when it was not responsive. I sent the original email to [redacted] with the attachments. I will try not make more mistakes…. Now, because of my error MuckRock sent another PDR. Sorry again for the situation and have great afternoon…

Gretchen (the Public Records Officer for the Washington State Police) tells the staffer not to worry about it. Apparently, sending the wrong files to requesters happens frequently, but otherwise, everyone is doing a great job, including the person who sent mind control files with a batch of extremist docs.

But that apology and forgiveness is preceded by the same staffer asking for another review of documents she already released to another requester, possibly in hopes of denying this release.


[redacted] told me if you could review this. Mudrock is claiming that DHS did created this. I think I was not supposed to release this but it was public.

Can you help me what can I tell my Public Disclosure coordinator?

Sorry for the inconvenience

No response from Erik is included in the document so one assumes the release went ahead without his additional input. Now this requester has a copy of this email chain, something pulled from an internet “mind control forum,” and, inexplicably, the KKK documents released to Waltman in response to his FOIA request.

So, if you’re looking to obtain public records but don’t particularly care what records you receive, it appears the Washington State Fusion Center is a great place to try your luck.

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Comments on “DHS Fusion Center Gets Request For Documents On Extremists, Decides To Hand Over Mind Control Docs Instead”

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Anonymous Coward says:

the CIA's Stargate program

While this kind of thing might seem like another laughable David Icke/Alex Jones conspiracy theory, it was not that long ago that the CIA and DOD were spending considerable sums of money investigating and researching psychic claims, in the hope of developing some kind of secret telekinesis weapon that along with “remote viewing” could be used against the Soviets in the Cold War.


PaulT (profile) says:

Re: the CIA's Stargate program

It’s pretty well known that the CIA have investigated a lot of weird stuff, some of it even now documented in the public domain (e.g. MKULTRA). The question is whether they were just investigating random ideas or whether they were developed into actual usable weaponry and tactics, or if they were as useful in reality as the Nazis’ supposed interest in the occult.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: the CIA's Stargate program

As with most everything having to do with the Cold War, it was all about “Keeping Up With The Russians.” The Soviet government was apparently also fooled by magicians and tricksters on their side claiming psychic powers, such as the famed Nina Kulagina, who may have instigated the whole silly craze. The thing that makes it so hilarious is that magicians, mentalists and other entertainers of the Black Arts could immediately see through the charade, since they employed many of the same stock techniques themselves in their line of work. Yet it seems that there’s something about human nature that wants to believe these things so badly that makes people lose all degree of skepticism and common sense. Add to that the hysteria of war (even a ‘cold’ war) and fairly rational people are easily turned into gullible fools.

Cointelpro2 says:

Re: Re: Re: the CIA's Stargate program

@anonyms-Coward you said ,"it was all about "Keeping Up With The Russians." WRONG!!!
Mkultra was/is never about keeping up with the Russians. Mkultra is still going on in the US against civil rights activists, journalists, dissidents,single women and children in the US. so please don’t be naive.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: the CIA's Stargate program

They got suckered in by Uri Geller? Ouch. Still, that article did provide at least one funny/interesting line, as apparently skepticism is a superpower even more powerful than that possessed by ‘psychic warriors’, which is all sorts of funny.

The documents concluded that he did better when there were no "sceptical observers" present.

Nice to know you can stop/inhibit psychic powers simply by doubting them and being nearby.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Mind control already exists

Thinking for yourself is hard, mostly because you have to overcome the herd mentality and your own personal biases, but it can be done.

Those people who are fooled or are conditioned into accepting or believing falsehoods usually have an emotional buy-in problem to overcome as well. The number of people I’ve seen declaring that other people’s opinions are their own! It’s one thing to agree with something because it seems reasonable to you (say that!) but to flat out accept and agree with a particular position without being willing to consider its merit… too many people do that, which really annoys me.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Mind control already exists

I suppose that is true enough, but I would like to point out that they also learn even more and get unbrainwashed very quickly.

That is dependent on the degree of emotional investment. I’ve seen people cling like grim death to falsehoods because there is a principle at stake or because they believed they were owed it being true, or something. That’s how financial cons work, people.

Anonymous Coward says:

Intentional disinformation release

This is just to stir up the fruit loop patrol into a lather, so that if anybody leaks any of the real stuff it will get drowned out in all the kookery.

Of course they wouldn’t need to do this, if they weren’t doing illegal and extrajudicial things to begin with. So as much as it means nothing, it is also confirmation that there is in fact something being hidden.

If we look back into history it isn’t hard to imagine what that might be. The only thing we don’t really know, is how many domestic citizens have been assaulted without them having any understanding of what is causing their symptoms.

I’d bet it is a pretty big number.

Research Organized Gang Stalking (user link) says:

re: this is widely discussed online

Great work, Mr. Cushing.

The DHS~FBI/LEIUs use these materials to write blogs that target individuals and whole communities. They use them to discredit those that they target, because anyone who talks of mind control is instantly relegated to mental health nutter, instead of bona fide victim of Fusion Center tracking, anti-due process practices, hidden surveillance, and harrassment.

Google gang stalking and real estate racket and DHS, Google research organized gang stalking and mind control and John Nash, Google gang stalking and Mossadi Jihadi, Google gang stalking and Washington state Clark County Washington. Google Julia Davis and delusion, poison and gang stalking

There is extensive evidence that the Fusion Centers are being used in violation of due process, and being abused by states to target and harass individuaks. These materials are just the tip of a very large ICEburger.

The many online gangstalking blogs are often the work of DHS/HSI/FBI agents and their friends and family, who use information stolen from NSA-israel-FVEY backdoor searches, and then, they wage highly personalized attacks on targeted individuals.

Because of the nature of coercive control, using blackmail tactics, and hidden network redirection, Fusion Centers do indeed have the capacity to literally perform mind control~and all of it beyond the insight of judges, journalists, therapists and legal defense counsel.

There is an extensive disinformation campaign being waged by trained milutary grade psycholigical operations online about this topic, and many/most mass shooters have contact with these operations BEFORE and sometimes DURING these vevents. Omar Mateen is one example-he was literally in CONSTANT contact with many agencies the entire time.

Devin Kelley in Texas, William Atchison in New Mexico-ALL of these men and boys were targeted by these operations-and that is indisputable.

Google Devin Kelly, and webscrubbing, Mathew Riehl and gang stalking, or Google William Atchison and Gamergate- all have contact online with mysterious operatives, over egregious periods of time, and all ended up dead for words they used online.

But make no mistake~mind control via online and offline gang stalking and bullying is real Dorothy! And the internet isn·t in Kansas anymore….

Rotary Club Sponsored Gang Stalking says:

re: paid shit posters and gang stalking

YEAH, I am certain that my issues are shitbags that work in government troll factories, using Cass Sunstein styled psyops on unaware, non-consenting citizens in blog forums after some turd hidden away along the internet backbone targets bad icky mean werdz online.

Or, maybe all of those flying pigs over Baltimore, as Freddy Gray had his head sawed off in a paddy wagon that are deep diving and teat milking our democracy to pieces-shooting kids in the back, and Tasing old ladies and teen girls in the twat.

YEAH- I got problems alright, a nation of fascists, rats, snitches, and soul less cowards who do dirt under color of law and authority~and spend 72 billion per year doing it with impunity.

But sorry, anonymous coward~your gig is up. Look! Washington state Fusion Center releases documents related to mind control.

I dunno….do you suppose following the cell phones, computers, and creating dossieres
on activists that are hidden across continents-and SOCMINT mining, and pure speech policing online, combined with community mobbing, and endemic police corruption, aka community bpolucing and full spectrum dominance of targeted individuals could constitute something LIKE “mind control?”

I dunno* lets have YOU decide! Or, one of the many in the Rotary club, Lions clubs, VFWs, state patrol political police, etc, who are consistenly, empirically linked to gang stalking decide?


You guys vote for fascism, EVERY TIME.It keeps you fat, like a happy piggy in fishnet stalkings, chewing through the ballast stones of a once upright due process based, Cobstitutional democracy.

RotaryClubGangStalking says:

communitypolicingaka organizedgangstalking

Um…lets establish our terms here! Do you know what a civil conspiracy even is?

Do you know who Cass Sunstein is~and what he started in regards to attacking so~called conspiracy theorists both online and off?

He virtually wrote the OGS tactical manual for exactly that. And without coincidence, many of these anti-conspiracy people are connected topsyops, like that odd limited hangout above from the WA fusion center(and its hard to miss that the text in the documents is garbled too.)

Rotary is just one tentacle of the larger social contagion of the Octopanopticalpussyconjob that our total surveillance state is.

There are many links to Rotary being involved on a policy level, AND in actual organized harassment that frequently starts with an Israelfied, militarized zionist training.

Google any combination of these phrases:

Real estate and rotary clubs,retired law enforcement and gangstalking,Rotaryclubandactive shooter training,Rotary Club and private tripto Israel,

Gang stalking fliers and Rotary club, gun control and Rotary club,guns on Rotary club.logo, domestic violence and Rotary club….

Very clear links Rotary are involved in extra-judicial high polcing,aka political policing.

But they aren‘t the only group involved, as these work across NGOs and radicaluzed members of the boards of womens shelters and organizations, and homeless shelters under the Manufacturing Terrorism schemes of modern policing and so called CVE programs.

Community/communitarian policing is the core issue, and the illegality these engage in with impunity.

So..yeah, they are more or less just another lobby, pitching status quo stay rich schemes, and getting federal dollars to the states under phony, bloated pretenses.

In their case, they get paid in real estate, and by takung over communities by harassing those they do not like~no different than any mob or good ol boys/girls club.

And who can vouch for that? This is why our civil rights and due process rights are in the crapper today, and no one can challenge FISA, and the endless makework projects that high policing IS.

Just because today, the new mobs have more skin shades of Klan doesnt make them any more socially respectable, or any less lynch mob.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Soros

“Google gray area policing and organized gang stalking.”

You know what the only thing funnier than a ranting lunatic banging on grand conspiracies and secret billionaires controlling things is? It’s when they tell you to use a major corporation to find the “truth”, and link to the blog they’ve hosted with another corporation.

How can you be so obsessed with people secretly running things, yet implicitly trust Google to locate the secrets for people? The cognitive dissonance that must be involved is quite impressive.

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