Unfortunate: Patent Office Director Michelle Lee Has Resigned

from the not-good-for-patent-issues dept

There was this bizarre mystery earlier this year where no one in the government would even say who was in charge of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There had been public statements made that the Trump administration was keeping on Michelle Lee, but her picture had been deleted from the Commerce Department website, and public appearances were being canceled and no one would say what was up. Finally, in mid-March, after months of questioning, the USPTO told people that Lee was still in the job. To us, this was a good thing. The past few USPTO directors had been cut from the “more patents is always a good thing” mold, whereas Lee actually recognized that bad patents harmed innovation. And even though the last time the Patent Office got concerned about bad patents it allowed the patent approval backlog to fill up, under Lee the backlog has reached its lowest point in a decade.

She seemed to be doing a great job all around — though patent trolls and the group of patent lawyers who love the trolls were campaigning about her — and it appeared she would stick around. That would be a good thing. For all the craziness going on in the government right now, having competent leadership at the USPTO would be one less thing to worry about. But… now it’s being reported that Lee has suddenly resigned and sent a goodbye email to staff. That’s bad news on the patent front. Of course, it may be ages before any new director is appointed. As I type this, of the 559 key positions requiring Senate confirmation, Trump hasn’t even named a nominee for 431 of them. That number rises to 456 if you include nominees who have been announced but not formally submitted. And that doesn’t even get to the 63 nominations that haven’t yet been confirmed. Adding the new USPTO director to that pile may mean no new USPTO director for…. who the hell knows how long.

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Comments on “Unfortunate: Patent Office Director Michelle Lee Has Resigned”

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Anonymous Coward says:

And there's your reason

“For all the craziness going on in the government right now, having competent leadership at the USPTO would be one less thing to worry about.”

The President of the United States has frontotemporal dementia which is exacerbating his narcissistic personality disorder, the Russians are calling the shots, and the Republican Party is clinging to this trainwreck because party is more important to them than country.

I can’t blame anyone for getting the hell out of Dodge.



Thanks Mike!
I’d develop a brain clot laughing so hard if this wasn’t so gravely important!… but, the following angle on this, may prove helpful re how the U.S. Congress should proceed on the Appointments you’ve outlined!…
Now that Joe Lieberman has bowed out of the race for the role of FBI Director (citing a conflict of interest with one of Trump’s White House staff!), one of the things that should SERIOUSLY be considered!… and given that Trump is– himself!– in an O-B-V-I-O-U-S conflict of interest in HIS attempt to Appoint a new Director for the FBI!… is the invocation (BY IMPARTIAL STAKEHOLDERS WITH STANDING!) of a NEVER BEFORE SEEN OR HEARD OF Legal Injunction against Donald Trump, that would compel him to– how shall I say it?– RECUSE HIMSELF from effecting ANY FURTHER WHITE HOUSE EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS with respect to any Executive Position that would potentially have ANY ROLE in any Investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia, re the 2016 Federal Elections (AND WHICH SHOULD INCLUDE THE POSITION OF THE DIRECTOR OF THE FBI!)!… and thus, affording other U.S. Federal Congressional Members who are unaffected by the Investigations currently underway, to decide the necessary Executive Appointments that/ which are needed to complement the remaining White House Executive Positions to be filled! For me– at least!– this is THE ONLY TRULY LOGICAL SOLUTION to the “EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENT CATCH-22” that Donald Trump is presently in!
Lastly… I can’t wait to see and hear what James Comey has to offer up this Thursday, on some of the nonsense that has been a part of Trump’s 2016 “Presidential campaign” run!… and, etc.! This White House “wigged out” dog and pony show can only stand so much more “revelations”, before it begins to completely implode!
Please!… no emails!

Anonymous Coward says:


Can I send you just one Email? It has to do with this web site, and the Pirate party. Most people think Piracy is bad, I mean, historically, it has been seen as something negative, but Michael Masnick and Wendy Cockcroft (is that a strange name?) seem to be promoting the Pirate party. Hmm. Pirate party, what does that mean? Stealing things that belong to others using gangs of criminals, right? That does seem to be exactly what TechDirt’s agenda is, right? Steal copyrighted work by invalidating copyright law, steal patented inventions by invaliding patent law, call everyone who invents or authors original materials a “troll”, that kind of thing. Yeah, that’s what I want to write to you about, the Pirate party, which I heard was the inspiration behind this web site. Gangs of Mean Girls and imposters flying their black TechDirt flag sailing the Internet in search of good people to defame, like the Email guy. Pirates indeed. Can I send you just one Email about that? (This is just the summary)

Anonymous Coward says:


Well, I was thinking about sending you an Email, so perhaps this would be a good time. I am sure when you say “rectum”, what you really mean is intellectual curiosity. I know that because my father was a Psychiatrist (at the state administrator level), and my grand parents were both well published Psychologists (well, mostly about sex), and this type of substitution is commonly known in the mental health industry. I think there’s a name for it, but I forget it at the moment. What did you think of my Piracy analogy? I think it fits. For example, look at what the public says about Wendy Cockcroft and TechDirt:


“Ms Cockcroft suddenly became very angry and threatened to ruin my business before it started. She said that she was in with a very influential group of people on a technical blog who would write about me and many other people would comment. She said this would mean that my reputation would be ruined and it would remain at the tip of Google. Wendy Cockcroft refused to refund my money, refused to re-do the work and threatened to destroy my business and personal reputation before it even started.”

I mean, Dr. Diaz, the author of this report, essentially calls her a Pirate, right? And even though she posts under multiple names, it’s really easy to distinguish her “Mean Girl” voice, it’s the same on her Twitter account and her other public posts. She’s a self-proclaimed internet Pirate, she pretends to be a gang by impersonating others, and she sails the seas of both the Internet and web design market in London using her Pirate friends to steal money from others. Shakedown artist, you know what I mean? The original Mean Girl. She does write a lot, though, and that does deserve a little respect.

What do you think about Wendy Cockcroft and Michael Masnick and the TechDirt Pirate Ship sailing it’s Black Flag over the Seas of the Internet?

(this should be interesting – similar to flashing lights to an epileptic)

ps: My advice is go for a long and detailed answer – I can help you decipher your sexual metaphors for their real meaning – no charge (this time)

My_Name_Here says:


No metaphors, Hamilton. Shiva can invent his emails up my trembling taint. I long for his innovative babies. I know Masnick and Wendy are pirates, just like Leigh and PaulT, and I curse them at every possible opportunity. Your dedication to stopping this website is inspiring and my erection grows ever stiffer.

Kiss me, Hamilton.

Anonymous Coward says:


At the risk of hurting your feelings, or even perhaps alienating you (a little), I would point out that such explicit sexual vocabulary is not appropriate for this public venue. It does have some shock value, but that wears off quickly. Your vocabulary tend to obfuscate the point you are trying to make, maybe you could choose some different words.

I think what you are saying is that Shiva, the Inventor of Email, has (unlike Michael Masnick) your respect and admiration, as he has mine, and as he has many others (thousands and thousands, actually). You aspire to meet his level of accomplishment and public acclaim, that’s probably what you mean.

About Masnick, Wendy, Leigh and PaulT, yes, I agree they are curse worthy. As a group, they are deceptive and promote an ugly and nasty agenda in order to enrich themselves as the expense of others. It would seem your speech about those whom you disagree with is more clear than your speech about those you do agree with. Perhaps you could consider reversing your cursing (I’m a poet and didn’t know it).

Anyway, you probably mean you feel a sense of anticipation, just as I do, as more sane voices (and some others) join together to expose this Fake News site for what it is. Anticipation of that joyous moment when the whole of the TechDirt Defamation Database is Destroyed forever.

(no charge, as promised)

My_Name_Here says:


I can’t help it, Hamilton! At night I dream of Tucker Carlson and Shiva Ayyadurai, feeding Melania Trump their glorious erections. I share the visions you do! Today, Senator Shiva. Tomorrow, President Shiva! The mere thought makes me soil my thong. We are the sane voices!

Anonymous Coward says:


Well, sorry, but I just don’t think I can validate the sound of sanity in your voice. You continue to substitute sexual vocabulary for intellectual concurrence. I know that is not what you mean, but I only because I am familiar with the malady, it actually occurs quite a bit. You have a lot of power in this situation, though, once you recognize how others perceive you. Maybe better to do a little private reflection and consider how to best support those whom with which you agree. Long story short, you sound crazy, not sane.

My_Name_Here says:


Quickly, Hamilton! Reply to your own messages. The judge must see these and prove our side is the side of wisdom and innovation! May he smite these pirate scumbags to the depths of destruction!

Oh, Hamilton. Hold me close, lest my faith waver. Assure me that everything is all right, Shiva will save us.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:


I post as me, Mr. Troll.

Again, I ask: Why did Dias not go to the police to report a criminal offence? Because none was committed; I did no more engage in criminal extortion than post on this site as multiple personalities. Did you write that troll post and pretend it was a customer review, then try to get me fired from my job?



If I knew what the heck your comment had to do with mine, maybe! My comment pertains to a larger issue involving Trump Appointments Generally!… and specifically with regard to Trump’s Appointment of an FBI Director (the latter of which– at the time of this Reply to you!– he’s already made!) who– for your info!– may make a judgement on MR. POTUS! And so… Trump would be– and is!– in a real CONFLICT OF INTEREST in making such an Appointment! And so!… don’t make my comment about a PATENT RIGHTS CHALLENGE!… it’s not! it’s about MR. POTUS’ Appointment of Executive Staffing that/ which may have an impact on an IMPARTIAL INVESTIGATION into MR. POTUS’ past campaign activities! And it’s unfortunate that my observation make it APPEAR that your hero is being picked on!… as, OBVIOUSLY, I’ve not taken aim at PATENT RIGHTS!… which has compelled you to attempt to morph my Response into some abstruse and obtuse comment about PATENT RIGHTS!
Mike has made CLEAR REFERENCE to the HAVOC on Capitol Hill that has resulted in the absence of NUMEROUS APPOINTMENTS!… and not just the person who would make a call on PATENTS! My concern, is that POTUS’ very ability to make a PROPER JUDGEMENT CALL on Appointments, is a subject of MAJOR CONCERN! And, in particular, his “JUDGEMENT CALL” on the role of FBI DIRECTOR!… the which– AND AS ANY BLIND PERSON CAN ASSESS!– represents an INHERENT CONFLICT OF INTEREST!
Therefore, you can communicate back to the Digital Human Rights violating GANGSTA COMMENT LOGGERS and explain to them how you’re ABUNDANTLY CONFUSED… AND BIASED!… re my assessment of Mike’s report! You see PATENTS!… I see APPOINTMENTS! Bye bye!… and take care!
Please!… no emails!
P.S.: And don’t “flag” yourself to death! And Mike!… take that flag and break it in half!… a handful of crybabies shouldn’t be allowed to HARASS F-R-E-E E-X-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N!

Anonymous Coward says:

Hello Senator Shiva

Yes, Mike, it seems that your globalist view of the world has taken another blow. In fact, one after another after another. The great traditions, laws and spirit of America is on the road to recovery, and getting Google out of Government is a step in the right direction. Pretty soon, inventors like me and the Email guy are going to completely displace leftist-globalist like you, and the world will be a better place. What a sad tragedy it would be if you got your way, weakening every law that protects inventors and inventions, while simultaneously slandering and defaming the best and the brightest among us (including Shiva). Goodbye, Michelle, goodbye, globalism, hello Senator Shiva!

My_Name_Here says:

Re: Re: Re:

You tell him, Hamilton baby! I only wish the judge who reads these will free speech and due process this site into the dust from which it should never have been born. Then innovators like us can finally defeat the pirates who shame us by making us look like idiots. More speech, Hamilton! More! The judge must vindicate us!

Anonymous Coward says:

Not The Donald's Fault...He Said So

“…of the 559 key positions requiring Senate confirmation, Trump hasn’t even named a nominee for 431 of them.”

The Prez already “explained” that it’s the pesky Dems, who are OBSTRUCTIONISTing him ( http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/05/531602029/trump-calls-democrats-obstructionists-but-hes-only-nominated-11-ambassadors ).

I must infer that the Prez has super-secret intel that a Democrat cabal (possibly Muslim) has developed a thought-blocking mind-ray that prevents the Prez and his staff from coming up with nominees. Are these mind-rays even legal? Would a ban on Democrat mind-rays pass Constitutional muster?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Not The Donald's Fault...He Said So

Hey, more power to The Donald, do more with less, very economical of him. That seems to be something that this TechDirt Pirate audience does not seem to comprehend – less government is a good thing, less regulation is a good thing, less taxes are a good thing. Now, before you go crazy with your Mean Girls rant about the importance of regulation combined with big government, please refer to Mr. My_Name_Here to explain exactly why you are wrong. Now that he has been cured of his inappropriate use of sexual vocabulary, I think he has something important to say, without using any inappropriate sexual references at all. Just for you. Especially for you. Go ahead, sir.

Anonymous Coward says:

Well, Mr. My_Name_Here might be busy with some introspection, as I suggested, but perhaps I could help forward his cause on his behalf. It’s interesting that you bring up Democrats and Muslims in the same breath. Is it only me, or does it seem to you that Obama really took up the cause of Radical Muslims that want to destroy America? He gave Iran a LOT of money, he never named Radical Islamic Terrorism for what it was, and pretty much condemned even hurting the FEELINGS Of the terrorists while they KILLED Americans. I heard on Fox News the other day that the Muslim Brotherhood worked with the FBI to expunge negative Muslim references from the FBI training materials. What’s that about? And what’s with the whole CARE/Muslim Brotherhood deal INSIDE the US Government, anyway? Who exactly was Obama defending, freedom loving Americans, or Jihad inspired terrorists (like Iran) intent on destroying America?

My_Name_Here says:

Re: Re:

Forward me, Hamilton. I missed you terribly. Masnick wants the destruction of America and innovation because he’s a pirate. He complains about the NSA, he complains about the FBI. He is no friend of America. My blood boils every day by the fact that this cesspool exists. Tell me, Hamilton… how may I bare my copyrighted posterior for the cause?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

You were doing very well, and have shown marked improvement already. I think your choice of the word “cesspool” is especially worth complimenting, very good choice, my feeling exactly. I think the word “bare”, though softer than usual, is starting to drift in the wrong direction. Perhaps you need to “bare” your soul, or show your emotions, that’s fine, and understandable. Your statement “Masnick wants the destruction of America and innovation because he’s a pirate. He complains about the NSA, he complains about the FBI. He is no friend of America.” is pretty good, expressive and close to the mark. Overall, quite good, and really a great improvement. You should be proud of yourself. Keep it up.

My_Name_Here says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Lather your wisdom upon me, Hamilton. Surely you must have invented a warehouse full of things that Masnick would sooner pirate. The thought of the innovation you did… mmm, I feel so aroused, you sexy copyrighted beast you! I know you personally support Shiva Ayyadurai’s inevitable union with Melania Trump, but I cannot restrain myself. I need both your phallic implements inside my pigeonhole!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

Well, that’s interesting. You use pretty much exactly the same tactic of sexual comments to make your point. Maybe Mr. My_Name_Here is simply following your lead, I don’t really know his history on this site. You certainly do sound pretty much exactly the same, don’t you? My “balls” are actually not on display and not available at all here on the Internet, no matter what strange fantasies you might have. It did strike me that the “Mean Girls”, the leader of which appears to be Wendy Cockcroft (strange name), were sure sensitive about their gender being exposed. Overall, it seems a pretty clear “failure to assimilate” by a bunch of butt ugly bitches (the 3 b’s) while they simultaneously act out their sexual starvation (easy to understand) in a public forum.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Re:

“Sexual comments” nothing. My_Name_Here chose to flirt with you and express his concord with your Shiva-Melania love affair; I simply observed. You two can diddle yourselves over dreams and fantasies in the twisted landscape of your mind. It’s really no skin off my nose.

It’s telling, though, that these are who Shiva Ayyadurai has in his corner.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:8 Re:

LOL! All I did was ask who else adopted EMAIL apart from Shiva’s college when he was fourteen. I kid you not, this is what the Wendy hate is all about.

He has only to reply with a list of early adopters and blow a big raspberry at me. He can even flip me the bird if he likes, I won’t mind. And I certainly won’t complain. I mean, if it’s actually true that Shiva is the inventor of email, meaning that without him there would be no email at all, such a list would be easy enough to get hold of. Heck, even one name would do to be getting on with. But no, it’s not forthcoming, though the metaphorical raspberries and bird-flipping have been very entertaining.

Again, I post as me.



If some ORIGINAL INVENTOR… AND WHO, OF COURSE, DIDN’T STEAL AND/ OR MURDER SOME INNOCENT SOUL/ S TO OBTAIN HIS/ HER ORIGINAL INVENTION!… have designed the very same ORIGINAL WORK on the opposite sides of a country (e.g., America!), why should a Government (ANY GOVERNMENT!) grant the RIGHT of one ORIGINAL INVENTOR to use same over another, just because one filed some JERK PATENT DOCUMENT before someone else did! M-O-R-O-N-I-C!
My solution is simple… and something offered up by Mark Zuckerberg recently!… GIVE EVERYONE A GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME! And so then, everyone will have sufficient funds to wipe themselves at the end of the day! As for those coming up with “ORIGINAL BRIGHT IDEAS”!… either their “ORIGINAL INVENTIONS” serve mankind, or they’re chucked out into the garbage with the remaining trash! If, on the other hand, a useful idea has some social merit, then such “ORIGINAL INVENTORS” can be helped to extend their “SOCIAL BENEFIT” beyond the ORIGINAL DESIGN, by being given “additional resources” so that this “ORIGINAL THINKER” can further A-S-S-I-S-T S-O-C-I-E-T-Y!… OTHERWISE, THE ORIGINAL THINKER CAN TAKE A TRIP ON A STARSHIP TO THE PLANET, “I DON’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT LIFE, AND HUMANITY”, A-N-D B-E L-E-F-T T-O H-I-S/ H-E-R O-W-N “O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L D-E-V-I-C-E-S”! And of MAJOR NOTE… T-H-E-R-E A-R-E N-O O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L P-A-T-E-N-T C-L-A-I-M-S I-N H-E-A-V-E-N! Bye bye, SMUCKS!… wherever you are!… and take care!
Please!… no emails!
P.S.: Oh!… and I suggest that the “BRIGHT IDEA” called COMMENT FLAGGING be chucked out with the banana peels and soiled underwear!… and to be replaced with a NONPATENTABLE AI App that tosses out AMORAL and IMMORAL “GANSTA COMMENT LOGGING” possing as R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L D-I-S-C-O-U-R-S-E!

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