Techdirt Podcast Episode 103: Is The Internet Of Things The Future, A Total Mess, Or Both?

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The internet of things has been taking plenty of flak ever since the first time someone floated the idea of a connected fridge or some-such in the 90s — but despite the knee-jerk instinct to scoff at such things, the truth is there are all sorts of interesting possibilities emerging from all these “pointless” connected devices. Of course, there are also some serious security concerns… This week, we discuss the IoT and what the ever-increasing presence of such devices means for the future.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 103: Is The Internet Of Things The Future, A Total Mess, Or Both?”

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Groaker (profile) says:

The mess ship has sailed. At least one company that will go unnamed has blatantly refused to fix known bugs in a lighting system that leaves other systems in the residence wide open to crackers.

I certainly have strong beliefs about never sending a person where you can send an electron (paraphrased from J Edgar Hoover.) But just how much loss of security is voice control worth in the turning on a light? Especially when there are other, safe ways of doing this than by means which expose your digital life?

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