Announcing The Techdirt Greenhouse Salon: The Battle For Copyright Reform

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Several years ago, we hosted a series of really fun events called the Techdirt Greenhouse, which involved getting a lot of smart people together and actively brainstorming on a variety of topics. We?ve been wanting to bring back the Greenhouse events for a while now, and we?re finally going to do so with a new series of evening “Greenhouse Salons? hosted by our Copia Institute. Today we’re announcing the very first of these new Greenhouse Salons, The Battle For Copyright Reform. As you know, there are ongoing efforts to reform copyright around the globe, with a proposal leaked for the EU and one expected shortly in the US.

We’re more than a bit concerned about the direction copyright reform may be moving in, especially after the leaked European draft, and thus this Greenhouse Salon will be a gathering to not just discuss issues related to copyright reform, but to actively strategize on how best to both respond to the efforts that are currently underway, and take a much more long-term view on how to really reform copyright in a much more useful way — one that isn’t anti-public and anti-innovation, but which recognizes that there are ways to build policies that align the interests of content creators, the public and innovators together. The event, in partnership with Automattic (creators of WordPress) and sponsored by Pinterest, will be held on September 12th at 6pm in San Francisco. It’s what we consider a working event, where everyone will be expected to participate in discussion groups. The event is invite only (and we’ve already invited a bunch of great people to take part), but we’re now opening it up for others to request an invite as well. We’ll do our best to accommodate requests for invites, while maintaining our goal of keeping the overall attendance at a manageable number to ensure that the group can actually function and accomplish things, and to involve people who have something productive to contribute to the overall discussion.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form to request an invite. We’ll be having more Greenhouse Salons on other topics (and probably in other locations) in future months, so stay tuned…

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Comments on “Announcing The Techdirt Greenhouse Salon: The Battle For Copyright Reform”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

baby-eating Communist ideas

wait a sec, maybe I was not looking, but I never considered Copyright either a communist, free-market, or other -ism based concept.

I consider copyright a purely regulation driven beast that should only be endured for short periods of time! Just enough for an author to earn a living for the time they spent developing it and no more.

We really should put a maximum gross profit allowed on every copyright attached to inflation, where it then goes public domain!

Leigh Beadon (profile) says:

Re: Re:

We’ll definitely be writing up some reports on what gets discussed at the event, and building off of it for later articles and such. We also hope to come out of it with some concrete strategies for copyright reform that we will begin turning into ongoing projects. As for video – can’t make any promises on that front just yet, but we’d definitely like to shoot some video if possible. The format of the event probably won’t lend itself well to a live feed though, since the bulk of it will be a bunch of separate informal group discussions rather than a series of presenters.

Anonymous Coward says:

Nominating invitees

[W]e’ve already invited a bunch of great people to take part

I’m not in the San Francisco Bay area, but right off the top of my head, I can think of quite a few people who are, and who ought to be invited to any serious discussion on copyright.

Perhaps at the very tip-top(*) of the list, I would hope you’ve extended an invitation to Pamela Samuelson.

(*) This is actually tough… luckily, I think all the serious competitors for this spot know each other.

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