After Cracking Down On Tens Of Thousands Of Enemies, Erdogan Says He's Dropping His 2000 Lawsuits Over Insults

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For the last few months we’ve poked fun at Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has ridiculously thin skin. As we noted, he had filed upwards of 100 lawsuits per month against people for “insulting” him — and this included things as ridiculous as posting a meme on social media that compared Erdogan to Gollum.

Of course, more recently (as you’ve heard) there was a coup attempt in Turkey, which failed, and Erdogan has spent the last few weeks basically using the coup as an excuse to crush all his enemies.

In the first 48 hours, around 7,000 people were detained, arrested, or dismissed from their jobs. That number has been rising constantly, reaching around 66,000 people from all layers of society, but consisting mostly of government employees.

Add to that the family members of those arrested and dismissed and you will reach a number of 250,000-300,000 potential new opponents, most of whom were not involved with the “other” side or had no direct links with it. The memory of the killings, the hatred, and violence, the split in the army and government agencies about who was on which side — all of this is truly traumatic for the Turkish nation.

And now, having done that — including having shut down much of the media in the country and arresting a ton of journalists, Erdogan is apparently in a good mood. He has announced that in a “show of good will,” he’s going to drop those thousands of cases against people for insulting him.

Uh… thanks?

Of course, he notes that this is a “one-off,” meaning he can start bringing more cases pretty soon. Besides, it hardly seems like a gesture of goodwill when it follows destroying the lives of 100s of thousands of people to further entrench your own political power and interests. Of course, he also has a message to anyone with an opinion on all of this:

“Some people give us advice. They say they are worried. Mind your own business! Look at your own deeds.”

Yeah. Perhaps Erdogan should look at his own deeds as well.

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Comments on “After Cracking Down On Tens Of Thousands Of Enemies, Erdogan Says He's Dropping His 2000 Lawsuits Over Insults”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

Tattered silk glove over iron fist

I’m guessing this is a (laughably obvious) attempt to demonstrate that he can show ‘mercy’ to those that oppose him as well as brutality, an attempt to disguise his tyrannical, thuggish nature. That it comes at the same time as he’s busy purging ‘his’ country of those that might have stood up to him makes it a pathetic attempt, but I suppose he figures no-one will be willing to stand up and call him on it at this point.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Tattered silk glove over iron fist

I don’t think he can grasp the concept of mercy. His previous lawsuits were a dragnet to scoop up all his detractors. Hoping to get serious enemies some unwitting protestors got caught up. He just didn’t realize the more he sued over trivial insults made him the target of more such insults making him sue more people to root out more enemies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Tattered silk glove over iron fist

With a lot of western critique coming down on him, he has to show capable of acting “democratically” and send at least some of the people he has cleansed to court.

If you fill the courts with useless defamation lawsuits, you will end up stalling that opportunity. To be able to satisfy EU and US demands for some kind of legal action before execution, he has to clear the courts for his theater to begin.

Uriel-238 (profile) says:

After the July 20 Plot...

…Hitler used the plot as an excuse to prune the ranks of about seven thousand individuals, few of which actually had to do with the attack. Likewise, the Gestapo and the SS took advantage of the incident to accuse their enemies, many of whom were not merely executed, but killed brutally to make an example of them. Hanging from piano wire was popular. It was a good time to be in the piano wire market.

Great moments in history!

Uriel-238 (profile) says:

Re: Conan the Barbarian (the 1982 movie) wasn't the first.

Allegedly from Genghis Khan (though considered out of character by some historians) The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.

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