Rather Than Launch A Massive DDoS Attack, This Time China Just Asks GitHub To Take Down Page It Doesn't Like

from the not-that-it-works-any-better dept

You may recall that a year ago, a massive DDoS attack was launched against GitHub from China. The attack itself was somewhat clever, in that it effectively turned the Great Firewall around, using Chinese search engine Baidu’s ad platform and analytics platform to basically load code that contributed to the attack. The target of the attack were two tools that helped people in China access material that was blocked in China by the Great Firewall. Of course, this attack was actually the second attempt by China to stop people from accessing such information on GitHub. The first attack involved just using the Great Firewall to block GitHub entirely (it needed to block the entire GitHub, rather than just specific pages, because GitHub is all HTTPS) — but that caused Chinese programmers who rely on GitHub to freak out and point out that they rely on GitHub to do their jobs.

Well, this third time, China is trying a different approach: it’s sent a takedown request to GitHub, asking if a certain page can be removed for “malicious slander.” Since GitHub posts all its government takedown notices, you can see the full request, which is rather short and sweet:

Cyber Security Association of China

To whom this might be concerned at GitHub:

The post at https://github.com/programthink/zhao/issues/38 vilifies our President Xi as a murder suspect, which is a groundless and malicious slander. We hereby express our strong concern and request you to take it off your website at the earliest time possible.

Cyber Security Association of China

June 8, 2016

Address: No.190 Chaoyangmennei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Zip Code: 100010

The blog post link above where we found this story also notes that the entire repo that includes this content is currently not accessible in China, though it’s accessible outside of China. At the very least, that suggests that GitHub disabled access to it within the country. It’s, of course, unknown if China believes that disabling access just from within China is enough based on its takedown, but it is the equivalent of just blocking it via the Great Firewall — so perhaps.

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Comments on “Rather Than Launch A Massive DDoS Attack, This Time China Just Asks GitHub To Take Down Page It Doesn't Like”

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Rapnel (profile) says:

Not for nothing but I’m kind of a fan of that Baidu slingshot action. “You have 75 minutes of web search freedom. You find your wildest dream and desire to know curious things with no threat of beating or jail or missing family member for your curiosity. 75 minutes! Go search Baidu now!” (godzilla screeches in background)

yeah, yeah, Japan, I get it, but he was always a secret Chinese project.

Anonymous Coward says:

you might know about this already but commenrs sometimes error out

Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to 8cc022bdcc41.rest.akismet.com:80 (Connection timed out) in /home/tdprod/deploy/common-379/lib/ext/Akismet.class.php on line 307

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Error connecting to host: 8cc022bdcc41.rest.akismet.com Error number: 110 Error message: Connection timed out’ in /home/tdprod/deploy/common-379/lib/ext/Akismet.class.php:309 Stack trace: #0 /home/tdprod/deploy/common-379/lib/ext/Akismet.class.php(133): SocketWriteRead->send() #1 /home/tdprod/deploy/common-379/lib/ext/Akismet.class.php(164): Akismet->sendRequest(‘blog=http%3A%2F…’, ‘8cc022bdcc41.re…’, ‘/1.1/comment-ch…’) #2 /home/tdprod/deploy/itasca_20160621-3292-c379/comment_process.php(89): Akismet->isCommentSpam() #3 {main} thrown in /home/tdprod/deploy/common-379/lib/ext/Akismet.class.php on line 309

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Does anybody have the page translated?

I don’t know what the problem was, I just did a simple cut and paste into translate and got this

Xi Jinping have a major murder suspect!

When looking Xi Jinping archives we found that Xi Jinping has a half-brother Xi Zhengning (formerly Xi Fuping), on the case study Zhengning but did not elaborate, can be found in the data, the China University of Technology Zidongkongzhi graduate, Shaanxi Huxian ravine a defense research institute worked 13 years, into the Shaanxi Provincial Zuzhi Bu deputy minister of work, after the transfer to any POLITICAL Hainan secretary of justice Minister (speaking duties died when their president is Hainan Bar Association), 1998 11 on March 27 of a heart attack, died 57 years old.

We suspect Xi Ning died of heart attack was forged, the truth is Xi Jinping murdered his half brother. Doubt as follows:

1, congenital heart disease in general, hereditary factors, but rather his father, Xi Xi being alive 89 years old, his mother Hao Pearl rural women live 90 years old, no family history of heart disease. The data use “sudden” word, said Xi Ning past no history of heart disease.

2, learning Zhengning USTC Zidongkongzhi graduate, simple life, decency, no Chihepiaodu habits, how would you have heart disease over 50 years old? If he is working hard for the party, overwork, see how their party media stories to promote its Memorial?

3, from the physical appearance point of view, Xi Xi is rather more than the unhealthy, if the quest for heart disease, the incidence is higher possibility of Xi Jinping.

4, on learning rather positive mothers, archives, wrote: “Hao Pearl in December 1935 and then Chairman of the Shaanxi-Gansu Soviet side Xi married after living together for nine years, in October 1943, due to the character of both aspects of the problem divorce, this time 28-year-old Hao Pearl is still young and beautiful, but since then unmarried, alone in the hardships of raising five children surviving three children. “and Xi’s second wife,” united (1926-), 1943 Xi met with April 1943 winter two discussed marriage. both on April 28, 1944 in Suide prefectural married, father of four children altogether. “Hao and not when Xi Pearl divorce and concerted hook, just and Hao Pearl divorce soon married concerted, united Hao Pearl is smaller than 10 years old. Using today’s words, is a small three united, is a small three upper. And Pearl was abandoned after Hao, only 28 years old and raising three children alone, never married, which is unusual, because on the one hand, she may be more tradition, Xi cherished old friends, the other reason is likely yes, and she hopes in Xi born three children, in particular, learning is rather hope that he will inherit his father.

In the Communist Party, not the birthright is the most taboo, Xi Jinping several siblings, whose son are small sons, fame is not very nice, Xi Xi sees himself as the successor, will not allow his family Pangchu a pulse.

5, Xi against children by the relationship, through the back door, had personally canceled over conventional positive Ning Beijing transfer order, learning Zhengning work has always been more than Xi Jinping prudent and realistic, honest, if learning is rather die, Xi after the death of Xi Ning is likely to increase Beijing, as if Xi power dream on the game. Therefore, get rid of his brother is learning Zhengning choice, and must in time before his father died. After the death of Xi Ning, Xi Jinping will definitely get attention. Xi died in 2002, when the body should have to die in 1998, when Xi is just a good opportunity to start with.

6, Ning Xi, Xi brothers in the 1980s, about the same time the south, in 1998, Xi Ning Hainan as director of Justice, while Xi Jinping has been working for over ten years in Fujian, when he was Party deputy secretary, political commissar of the Fujian anti-aircraft artillery preparatory division first, before any of Fuzhou military commissar, has a military background. Fujian, Hainan from very close, there are military relations, want to get rid of his brother, he has the ability and means.

7, Xi Xi brother Zhengning evaluate “not only hardworking, spiritual head, things will come, and with superior subordinate relationship at all was very good” (see http://www.boxun.com/news/gb/china /2010/11/201011030518.shtml), described Xi Jinping personal gain, kissing effort was home, let alone engage in some illegal transactions.

8, when the Cultural Revolution Xi Jinping to accompany his father to survive the whole, when the countryside for deodorant insect bites, at 666 mat spread powder, Xi Xi Yuanping brother to see him, slept one night on the whole body blisters, skin ulceration body after returning home . Xi is then eaten bandits bitterness, inhuman torture when young people will heart twisted.

9, Hong Kong, booksellers are transnational cross-border kidnapping things back to China, Xi Jinping is definitely behind. This fully shows that Xi Jinping things do not follow common sense, lawlessness, as long as he has the right, things will do anything.

10, a case can be controlled, it has been the downfall of former Chinese leader Bo Xilai, thin conniving wife poisoned British businessman, died afterwards disguised as excessive drinking, but also said that if Wang Lijun thin will not escape to kill him, explained these leaders ruthless. Xi Jinping in a way, like with Bo Xilai. 1998 criminal detection technology is still not perfect, people murdered after Xi Jinping Xi Ning, disguised as fake heart like a very possible.

11, the background learning is rather death, is the reform and opening up in the late 89 student movement nine years later, when, relying on family princelings power, profiteering business in the south, to misbehave, Xi Jinping family owns a large number of the company’s assets in the southern coastal areas, two sister also foreigners, indicating that Xi Jinping family is corrupt, there is the possibility of doing illegal activities.

12, Xi Jinping after the ruling, it seems very anxious, anxious to receive the right, with the general performance of the leaders is very different, he was afraid of what? Is it because he had committed murder children living in fear?

13, learning positive things rather die, Xi Xi family has been concealed until 2002 study Father Guixi. Said to be “worried Xi withstand the blow”, but in fact each illustrate the relationship between the family, Xi should be very high regard of his eldest son, after all, is his flesh and blood, but by the concerted Xi Jinping and sister out of the thousand brother, half-brother and that they do not and.

14, Xi Ning has not found a record getting married, if learning is rather a single, no family will be present when the dead die without a check against.

15, Hong Kong booksellers collective transnational abducted by the Chinese Communists, after all, or that they published a number of books to expose Xi family. If you let them dig deep down, Xi Jinping crime brought to light year is likely, therefore Xi Jinping ordered to destroy them at all costs.

16, a further search is rather conventional data found that learning is rather young, are arranged in Shaanxi Xi’s hometown, as the focus to training. As a family, the family has not made about Xi Xi Ning of a word, only the individual online learning is rather old friends and colleagues published memoirs, such as, http: //www.huxianbbs.com/thread-56560-1-1 .html

In summary, the half-brother of the murdered Xi Jinping great suspicion. We speculate that Xi Jinping was military sources should be hired to Hainan, the murderer has medic, learning Zhengning honest man rules, there will be guarded, their position is not high, no side guards. After the murderer entered the house and uniform practice is rather to study Zhengning in vivo injection of certain drugs, resulting in the cardiac arrest, disguised as a heart attack scene.

The scheme is a very shrewd man, when he was in office director, he noted that if the above doubts, perhaps investigated Xi, Xi Jinping evidence then grasp homicide crime.

If Wang Qishan really corruption, it should first conduct a thorough investigation home Xi corruption issue, Xi Jinping year due to power struggle killing brother get to the bottom of the mystery!

Rather wordy and disjointed, but what do you expect from an automated translation?

Anonymous Coward says:

China DDoS

“using Chinese search engine Baidu’s ad platform and analytics platform to basically load code that contributed to the attack.”

First thing how do you know that it was China? Using an exploit or exploits can be done from anywhere on the world.

Second cursing China to any form of internet attack while your own Gov releases a virus which destroys millions if not billions worth of equipment and research and which infects systems all over the world is kind of well… at least kind of funny.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: China DDoS

Because the attack was targeting a repo that housed a tool that was used to circumvent their firewall.

To your second point, you are right no one is innocent when it comes to hacking but we can criticize both of them for it. The internet is already a battlefield between countries and we are stuck right in the middle. It sucks all the way around.

Anonymous Coward says:

what is “Cyber Security Association of China” who sent the “takedown notice”?
According to official media of China gov ( http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2016-03/25/c_135223674.htm ), “Cyber Security Association of China” is a “non-profit organization”, which “comprises 257 founding members, including major Internet firms, cyber security enterprises, scientific research institutions and individuals”.
Obviously, “Cyber Security Association of China” is NOT a gov office. Why did all guys behave as if it is a gov office?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Because there is no NGO in China. Under Chinese law all non-profit organizations have to be managed by an office in government and supervised by a department in government. In this case the “Cyber Security Association of China” is managed by the Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Informatization, and supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Btw, the current chairman of the Cyber Security Association of China is no other than the creator of GFW, Fang Binxing.


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