DailyDirt: Fingerprints And Watermarks On Everything?

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Making copies of physical goods is becoming easier and easier all the time. Some folks want to make sure that all these physical items are authentic, devising fingerprinting or watermark technology to identify objects uniquely. Dollar bills, documents and all kinds of valuable things could be tracked with this kind of anti-counterfeiting tagging. Here are just a few other examples of making a mark on stuff that could be useful.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Fingerprints And Watermarks On Everything?”

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Anonymous Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

From the 'We don't actually have a really really clear picture of what is down there or we wouldn't be doing some of the things we are doing department.'

While I have long been intrigued with the concept of geothermal energy, or at the very least thermal control (heating/cooling) the advent and actuality of fracking has cooled me on the concept. Fracking scares the shit out of me and it is not clear to me what the essential differences between fracking and geothermal energy production might be.

Anonymous Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

I'm not fine with SmartWater

Think about the cross contamination possibilities with that SmartWater shit. You touch one product in a store, then another, the first has SmartWater, the second did not, but now it does. Then, some skell comes along and steals the first product and they come looking for you because your ‘contaminated’. I see many many many problems from this, and of course they will put the onus on us to prove we didn’t even though the law says it is supposed to be the other way around.

Skeeter says:

DNA to track groundwater?

Seriously, the scariest ‘tracking technology’ listed, by far, is the DNA fragments used to track underground water flow. This could VERY EASILY be the next Monsanto Glyphosphate monopoly, just as various farmers have been sued by Monsanto over having ‘Round-Up-Ready’ crops growing in their fields that the farmers claim ‘were never Monsanto crops, but were cross-contaminated’ via cross-pollination. Imagine having a well in your backyard, drawing your water (that you paid $7k for drilling that well), and getting a bill at the end of the month because some schmuck can ‘prove’ you are drinking from his billion-dollar underground aquifer – all because he injected traceable DNA into the water you are also tapped into? Reeks of ‘Big Brother Underground’.

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