DailyDirt: Jellyfish As Pets?

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If you’re not a dog or cat person, maybe you prefer fish or some other pet that doesn’t require too much attention. If vertebrates — or even invertebrates — are too evolved for your liking, some folks have come up with a few jellyfish aquariums that might suit your tastes. You still need to take care of these creatures, and they’re not immortal (unless your name is Shin Kubota), unfortunately.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Jellyfish As Pets?”

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Kludge (profile) says:

This write-up got me thinking about how jellyfish should probably be genocided for their incidental anti-environmentalism. … well, to be honest, that’s just a cover… I actually hate them because my dad peed on my leg. …… I don’t like to talk about it.

Anyway, I googled “Jellyfish genocide” on a lark, and sure enough, there’re already Jellyfish genocide robot deployed in the ocean: http://www.popsci.com/article/science/jellyfish-terminator-robots-suck-2000-pounds-jellies-hour

Rekrul says:

Fish tanks always seemed kind of cruel to me, especially the ones shown in the links to this article. They’re a (relatively) small enclosed space with not much for the fish to see or do. Within the first hour, the fish will have explored every inch of the tank, then it’s just swimming around the same environment for the rest of their lives. The tanks in the links are even worse as they have nothing in them to provide any variety.

Even larger tanks with fake plants and decorations don’t take very long for a fish to explore.

Imagine spending the rest of your life locked in a featureless room where someone shoves food under the door once a day. You have a window to look out of, but nothing to do. Nothing to investigate, nowhere new to go, just an empty room. Even if there were a few pieces of art and some fake plants to brighten up the room, you’d still be bored out of your mind pretty quickly.

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