DailyDirt: Nature Recycles All The Time, So Should We…

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Plastics are everywhere. It’s hard to imagine all the modern conveniences that exist because of the existence of plastic and polymers, and it would be difficult to continue living a modern lifestyle without plastics. Maybe we’re starting to try not to use plastic bags to carry groceries home in some places, but the bad environmental reputation of plastic might have some solutions. Plastics could be made to be easier to recycle. Also, we could replace some of the more problematic plastics with more environmentally-friendly materials.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Nature Recycles All The Time, So Should We…”

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Duenston says:

Re: Nature Also Runs Everything On Nuclear Power ...

…and Nature kills every living thing on the planet, eventually. Individual humans don’t survive long, but we MUST save the plastics!

Such appeals to “Nature” by environmentalist leftists are irrational.

Landfills for plastics-garbage are dramatically more economical & environmentally safeer than recycling.

If recycling made any economic sense, the government would not have to force people to do it– people & businesses would eagerly recycle to make money.

For average people, the only thing worth recycling is aluminum cans. No American municipal curbside recycling program even breaks even on the $$$ cost/benefit scale — it’s a huge scam on the public.

Bury the plastics garbage.

Ninja (profile) says:

Re: Re: Nature Also Runs Everything On Nuclear Power ...

U mad, bro?

Taking steps to avoid screwing the environment costs. And there’s no immediate benefit in applying such measures. But in the long term? The best example that comes to mind is Minamata in Japan. They only started caring for the waste they were throwing in the environment when several people started becoming ill and dying. When it starts costing money then companies will adopt treatment systems willingly. But then it might be too late.

Recycle This - Recycle That says:

Recycle Tyres - Easy to do

There at at least three different patented rubber recycling methodologies that extract the various component materials. The resultant products can include: steel, nylon, kerosene, carbon, sulphur, uncontaminated rubber crumb.

The problem with implementation of these methodologies is the cost of the licences to use the patents. It will cost enough to actually build the processing plants, but add the ongoing licence fees and it becomes much less financially rewarding to do the actual recycling.

When I looked at the situation in Australia, the minimum investment needed for a small plant was $10 million, it will be much more now. Not something I could lay my hands on easily enough then, let alone now.

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