DailyDirt: No Meatless Mondays For Cavemen…

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Modern humans have all sorts of wacky diets that are probably slowly killing us in ways we don’t fully recognize, but that doesn’t mean we should all start eating the way people did thousands or millions of years ago, either. Drinking a “soylent green” all liquid or all processed diet doesn’t sound like an optimal solution, but if grown adults want to eat fancy baby food, let them try that experiment (and I’ll volunteer to be in the control group). If you want to know more about pre-historic meals, though, check out a few of these links.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: No Meatless Mondays For Cavemen…”

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

We Humans Were Born To Use Tools And Fire

We evolved to use tools and eat our food cooked. Without tools, we are weak and ineffectual. Raw meat is mostly indigestible, and raw vegetable matter cannot give us the nutrients we need.

So it is clear that it is ancestral species that learned the basics of tool use and how to exploit fire. The changes this brought about created our species.

JoeDetroit (profile) says:

Works for me!

22 years ago I changed careers from construction to engineering. I then proceeded to gain 60 lbs in about 7 years.

When I got fed up with the heartburn, sleep apnea, & feeling like crap all the time turned it around. At first all I did was walk at lunch & stay away from snacks & I lost 20 lbs in about a year. Then I stepped it up by getting a gym membership & going 3-4 times a week. No more white foods at that point, except cauliflower & I lost another 20.

That was it, I was stuck at that point. Varied +/-10 lbs but could not lose any more weight. Then I started the Paleo diet/lifestyle. Following it very loosely, cheating regularly, I was able to lose another 30 lbs. Plus I feel fantastic!

The Paleo Diet is the one that all the experts love to hate. NO GRAINS!?!?! It could be that the diet is rated so low is because most find it very hard to maintain. Some can’t stop the bread & pasta. But it works for me. Maybe because I was close to it before I started. Just meat, lots of vegetables, & fruit for me. I eat all I need, delicious meals, & I’m never hungry. The result of working out daily & eating well has made me in the best shape I’ve been since my early 20s.

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