Techdirt Podcast Episode 63: Hacking The Patent System

from the don't-wait,-innovate dept

We all know the patent system is riddled with problems, and badly in need of reform. But reform comes slowly — really, really slowly. So some tech companies have been doing what they do best: innovate. They are finding ways to get around the biggest problems of the patent system without waiting on go-nowhere legislative reform efforts. This week we’re joined by Julie Samuels, President of the Board at Engine, to discuss the innovation-based approach to navigating the patent system and changing patent culture with a focus on a new paper from Engine and EFF on hacking the patent system.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 63: Hacking The Patent System”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Companies should release their patents under a license that says any company that uses this patent agrees to release all their products under a similar license and has agreed not to sue anyone else for infringement.

The next time Apple stumbles upon one of these patents and sues someone else for patent infringement of one of their patents the company should sue Apple in return claiming breach of license.

and 20 year patent terms is too long for tech patents and possibly for any types of patents. Investors aren’t looking 20 years ahead, they are realistically looking maybe 5 months ahead. The present value of a future return 20 years from now attenuates fast so, from a financial perspective, it doesn’t make sense.

Especially given tech patents. Heck, IIRC, hyperthreading is still under patent and it is this patent that has hindered AMD from advancing their processors.

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