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The universe is just incredibly vast and full of stuff we’re only scratching the surface of detecting. Every so often, though, there are some folks who think we’ve learned it all — or that there’s not much more left to figure out. But there’s always more. The pace of technology might not advance fast enough for us to be able to continue to discover new things at the rate we’ve been doing so, but the “peak science” event probably hasn’t happened yet (or may not happen at all).

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Always More To Discover…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Isn’t it convenient that physicists are recently finding more particles?

Indeed it is. Too convenient. It’s a false flag set up by the National Science Foundation. Three letter acronym? Yep. Starts with ‘NS’? Yep. ‘A’ & ‘F’ are somewhat similar looking letters? Yes, a bit. Notice waveforms collapsing when they should be in an indeterminate state? Yes. No way waveforms collapse like that on their own. Inside job!

Seems like a solid body of evidence to me. What more could anyone possibly want?

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