DailyDirt: Modern Swords To Plowshares

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As technology advances, it’s increasingly obvious that almost any piece of hardware can be used as a weapon, if put in the wrong hands. We can’t exactly ban people from brewing their own beer at home because it’s possible that they could also incubate a bioweapon with the same equipment. But how about re-purposing weapons for peaceful missions? NASA has inherited a couple pretty nice spy telescopes, and there could be plenty of other scientific uses for certain military hardware.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Modern Swords To Plowshares”

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Uriel-238 (profile) says:

I thought it was odd seeing the nuclear bomb question.

I was researching HAARP and weather modification so that I could talk to some tinfoil hatters about it and encountered the FAQ question about nuking hurricanes and was like WTF?

We did consider nuclear depth charges since water is marvelous as absorbing the radiation from a nuke, but even then our conventional anti-sub weapons are adequate enough without causing an international nuclear incident.

Klaus says:

Re: I thought it was odd seeing the nuclear bomb question.

There was a time they seriously considered bombarding the Van Allen belts with nuclear warheads (which they started, by the way – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starfish_Prime) a sensible, peacetime use for atomic weapons…

Didn’t the US once do a high altitude detonation over New England, to try and seed rain, which actually succeeded in producing these huge rain clouds, with the unfortunate side-effect of being radioactive?

Then that pesky Nuclear Test Ban Treaty came along and ruined everything.

Uriel-238 (profile) says:

Re: Using explosives to disperse tornadoes

This FAQ (USA Today) suggests that using explosives to disperse tornados (or thunderstorms) been considered many times since the 18th century, but generally dismissed.

Despite tornadoes being sudden and unpredictable systems, there’s also the matter that explosives would be adding a lot of heat to a system that is fueled by heat, so the blast may disrupt a part of system for the moment (the eye, for a well-guided shot) but the newly heated and destabilized air would only ensure that the storm would resume and be stronger for the blast.

Even a MOAB (the largest American conventional weapon) would be a momentary hole in a tornado / super-cell system. Our puny human weapons only make the beast stronger.

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