DailyDirt: Breaking Bad… With Yeast?

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We’ve mentioned before how yeast can produce a bunch of useful stuff, beyond bread and beer. Synthetic biology promises to give us engineered microorganisms that can make almost any specialty chemical or even some biofuels. Brewing medicine might not be too far away, and it might be incredibly difficult to control “controlled substances” in the very near future.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Breaking Bad… With Yeast?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I’m a pharmacologist, and this is awesome stuff I’ve only been aware of peripherally. It’s nice to read this here where usually most of the news makes me rage. A very good alternative to using oil to make medication for sure (yes, for those unaware, there’s not enough legal poppy crops to supply the industry so organic chemistry techniques to develop molecules from oil are very old and right now one can say 70% of opiate painkillers are made with oil…I’ll throw one downer here, can’t help it, if Afghanistan wasn’t in the crosshair of the military-industrial complex for multiple reasons, one of ’em was get the Taliban out since they were killing poppy farmers in 2000, all that morphine transformed under heroin (which let’s face it, should be used as a painkiller, it is in many european countries, orally, or for ER stuff, it would make things that are so dangerous like Fentanyl unnecessary, yeah there’s many pharmaceutical opiates more potent orally than heroin), imagine how Afghanistan could get rich overnight if real capitalism was applied and pharma companies paid afghans to run farms, in peace. Nothing grows there, they’ve been selling this to buy food since forever, ridiculous how my country (not USA) was trying to show farmers how to grow other crops and in that climate, it required 700-800 dollars of chemicals to have maybe 100lbs of vegetables..ridiculous).

Yeast could be a revolution in many ways to reduce our use of petrochemicals.

Coyne Tibbets (profile) says:

Hemp without psychoactives

“Other scientists have coaxed yeast into producing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the psychoactive compounds in marijuana.”

What I’ve been waiting for is someone to produce a hemp plant without any psychoactive compounds. I think having such a variant would add a lovely level of confusion to the ban on hemp plants, because hemp is valuable for other reasons besides smoking.

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