Question To Ask Anyone Who Supports CISA: What Breach Would It Have Stopped?

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We’ve asked this before and no one answered. But with the faux “cybersecurity” CISA bill back on track for another vote, it’s time to ask the question again: Can defenders of CISA explain what data breach it would have stopped? This is important, because many of the defenders of CISA keep pointing to things like the OPM hack as an example of why we need “cybersecurity regulations.” Just yesterday, Senator John McCain used various recent high profile hacks as proof of why we need such a bill:

The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is uncomfortable about the cyberthreats to this nation — which just took place where millions — MILLIONS! — of Americans had their privacy hacked into. God only knows what the consequences of that are. And the other side has decided to object to proceeding with a bill that passed through the Intelligence Committee by a vote of 14 to 1. This is disgraceful.

But as policy counsel at the Open Technology Institute, Robyn Greene, recently noted on Twitter, none of the recent hacks would have been stopped if CISA was law.

It seems like a fairly important question, especially when politicians are pointing to those and similar hacks or data breaches as examples of why we must pass CISA. Yet they can’t explain how the law would have stopped those breaches (because they can’t, because it wouldn’t have).

John McCain wants to talk about “disgraceful”? Isn’t it more disgraceful to point to an attack that this bill would not have helped with as a key argument for why this bill needs to pass?

This is some pretty serious hand-waving on the part of the politicians. Of course, the truth is that they simply don’t understand the details enough to know what they’re doing. They just hear from surveillance/law enforcement types saying that we “need cybersecurity legislation” and then they hear about these breaches and they immediately connect the two. Yet, they don’t know what the law really does or why it’s needed, and certainly don’t understand how breaches happen or what it would take to prevent them (if that were even possible). So they just say “well, cybersecurity!” as if that’s good enough.

It’s not.

The changes brought about by CISA could have a pretty serious impact on our privacy and security and if Congress is going to pass it by pointing to these breaches, they should first be required to explain how the law would have helped to stop any of those breaches. We’ll wait.

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Comments on “Question To Ask Anyone Who Supports CISA: What Breach Would It Have Stopped?”

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Hans Sherbert (profile) says:

So much for the "moral hight ground."

Who thinks China was responsible for the breach?  Why would you believe our gov’t.?  I say it was Russia.  NSA can’t bear to admit it because Mr. Snowden being over there is such a humiliation.  They’re obsessed with him & how can it be that Russia won’t turn him over.  Snowden Snowden Snowden.  Yet NSA seems to blind to its own feckless amorality.

We’ve been hegemonic a-holes around on the other side of the globe, State Dept. & CIA fomenting rubblizing wars.  Stirred up shit in Ukraine & blamed Russia for it.  Used a “training exercise” to fool some low-level rocket-launch guy into thinking the Dutch airliner was the enemy so he’d blow it up, then pointed the finger of blame at the evil Russkies.  What ever became of the plane’s black box again?

The OPM family jewels have been “exfiltrated.”  But keep pokin’ that bear.  Go ahead, tweak Putin’s nose again & see what happens.

Will anything be learned?  We had more to lose than anyone else & we lost it.  Thought we were too clever.  Don’t look now but they’ve got our balls in a jar.

Anonymous Coward says:

“if Congress is going to pass it by pointing to these breaches, they should ..”

There is problem #1. You are a peasant. There is no ‘should’ for humanoids of your type. Your program is faulty. Report for re-programming (you may have heard of this being called ‘re-education’ – that just proves (as if it were needed, ha!) how out of date your software version is). Do it immediately.

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