DailyDirt: It's Not Just A Good Idea… It's Moore's Law

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Computers are such an important part of our daily lives now that it’s difficult to imagine how we could get along without them sometimes. Obviously, people do. But growing accustom to supercomputer capabilities available at our fingertips all the time is much more than a luxury. We expect computers to get better and better at an astonishing (exponential) rate, but will we notice if/when that rate slows down? Here are just a few links on keeping up — or possibly exceeding — the performance expectations that Moore’s Law has instilled in us.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: It's Not Just A Good Idea… It's Moore's Law”

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Blake says:

what a crock of crap

“We expect computers to get better and better at an astonishing (exponential) rate, but will we notice if/when that rate slows down?”

Things have already slowed down and it happened more than 20 years ago. I can remember working with Lotus123 and thinking it was great most of the time, but it would sometimes take 2-3 seconds to return. That was annoying. That is absolutely *normal* with todays spreadsheets. Response times should be near instantaneous and they are not. Using a computer is often a disruption of the thought process because of feature bloat.

Computers should be fast. They are not. They haven’t been for twenty years.

It’s sad when you have to dump tables to disk then use perl to glean info out of them because using the normal user interface is so excruciatingly slow.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: what a crock of crap

Don’t forget to mention how cheap SSD’s are while organizations STILL refuse to pony up the doe for them.

Yes they are more expensive but if calculated the time saved for the employees involved the more expensive hardware would come out cheaper.

Time is money folks, get the good shit or you have to wait for your shit.

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