DailyDirt: Playing Super Mario By Rote… Is Fun?

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Video games that are entertaining need to be simple enough for people to understand, but at the same time, hard enough to be a little challenging and not too easy to beat. Games like Flappy Bird demonstrate this sweet spot for gameplay, and some classic games like Super Mario are still widely enjoyed even decades after their initial releases. Computers can play games like these, too, but they can’t enjoy them like we do. Check out a few of these links on creative ways to continue playing Super Mario.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Playing Super Mario By Rote… Is Fun?”

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Rekrul says:

I must be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like SMB. I never liked the inertia-based movement system where the distance of your jump depends on how fast you were moving at the time and which makes it extremely hard to stop moving without running off the end of small platforms or running into creatures.

Rekrul says:

Re: Re: Re:

I love it, and I admit, I’ve never heard that before.

The funny thing is, what you hate is arguably one of the core reasons Mario emerged as the definitive platformer/game-in-general in the first place: http://kotaku.com/5558166/in-praise-of-sticky-friction

I hate the inertia-based gameplay because it makes everything uncertain. You’ve come to a stop, for whatever reason, at the edge of a gap. You need to jump over the gap, but exactly how much of a run-up do you need to make? A couple steps isn’t going to cut it. Or let’s say that you need to jump on a single block with nothing below it. You need to run exactly fast enough to make the jump, but if you run too fast, there’s about a 90% chance that you’re just going to skid off the other side and lose a life.

What if the same movement physics were implemented in Tetris? Can you imagine trying to play a version of the game where the pieces don’t move instantly and when they do start moving, they don’t always stop where you want them to? Or you need to hold the rotate button down to get the pieces to rotate, but once they start, they don’t immediately stop when you release the button?

Imagine how frustrating the game Sokoban would be if it used SMB’s inertia-based movement.

Or Frogger. You need to build up speed to jump onto a log, but if you go too fast you’ll just skid off the other side.

Or dozens of other classic games. They all played well because you knew exactly what the game was going to do when you moved the stick or pressed the button. There was no uncertainty in the controls.

SuprBaywatch says:

Bad news, everyone! Only 15 Pirate Mike posts at SuprBay in month of June.

Way down from his average of roughly 70 a month. At this rate of fall, he’ll be down to 3 this month, gone in August! — And then where will I get my hoots?

Pirate Mike had one big score though, misled some 330-some views by dropping the Taylor Swift name in Music category. Still ZERO replies.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: Good news, everyone! Pirate Mike sneaked one in just before the bad news!

I love how you incessantly spam the site, and then act as though the spam system acting as it should is somehow ‘proof’ of anything other than the fact that the spam filter is working correctly.

Also gotta love the fact that for someone who whines, constantly, about how you’re being ‘censored’, you sure do seem to post a lot. Martyr complex much, or is it just masochism?

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