DailyDirt: Who Needs Dinosaurs Anyway?

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Jurassic World raked in over a billion bucks in less than 2 weeks by digitally re-creating some enormous (and sometimes fictional) dinosaurs. A few folks are actually working on re-animating prehistoric animals and other ancient organisms, but do we really need to bring these species back? Perhaps we should work on preventing an artificially-created extinction event of our own before we try to reverse the effects of the last one?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Who Needs Dinosaurs Anyway?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The Gods of Yore

Humans have a responsibility of spreading earth based life to as many barren planets in this galaxy as we possibly can. Eventually all life forms die out and cease to exist, but so far at least some portion lived and spread again to establish a full ecosystem once more. Improve each world until it is capable of sustaining life for billions of years given the chance and we will have atoned for the species that will never again walk the earth.

Nunc_ says:

Re: Re:

The boy who cried wolf may be right this time. Just look at the amount of species with just a few hundred animals left. Even if they recover, a fully healthy population is difficult with low genetic diversity.
Look at the amount of species with only one habitat left. Single points of failure inevitably lead to disaster.

wallow-T says:

Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction” is a magnificent book, lyrically beautiful writing, and the profound message that, as a species, humans are The Extinction Machine, and have been since our earliest days. The chapter on how we came to have the concept of “extinction” is poetic. My highest recommendation. Do not miss this book.

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