DailyDirt: Riding Through Space On A Beam Of Light

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If you’re looking forward to watching The Martian movie, you probably enjoy watching rockets blast off into space and seeing big explosions. However, really long distance space travel could be much less entertaining without rockets unless you like looking at the glow of an ion thruster. Spacecraft using the momentum of light won’t even glow, but they could be part of more and more space ships. Check out a few of these projects.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Riding Through Space On A Beam Of Light”

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Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

Interesting, but I think the most significant thing in the graphene article is the last paragraph, where it says that someone’s discovered (or is coming close to working out) a process that brings down the cost of graphene manufacturing by a factor of 1000.

Look at what just a few researchers with the considerable resources required to manufacture graphene have already come up with. It’s kind of amazing. But make graphene cheap enough that any scientist can get his hands on a few kilos of the stuff, and we’d have a new Industrial Revolution on our hands!

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