DailyDirt: Alien Lifeforms In Our Solar System

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So far, we only have one example of life — the biosphere of Earth. Our planet probably isn’t unique in the universe, but compared to the other large objects in our solar system, Earth looks special. However, there are a few other spots in our solar system that could support life. It would be so nice to find another living neighbor — as long as they kept to themselves after we meet them.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Alien Lifeforms In Our Solar System”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Perhaps one should read the scientific community’s speculation about this topic before spouting off a bunch of ridiculous nonsense.

For your further edification I present the following:
A lack of evidence does not by itself prove anything other than there is a lack of evidence.

Ok, now I can back to reading my garbage crank science sites – have a good day.

Rekrul says:

Newly discovered Antarctic crustaceans and fish living deep under a glacier in Lake Whillans provide an example of an unexpected thriving ecosystem that is almost completely isolated from the rest of our biosphere.

Cool! So how do we exploit this? I say we dynamite the glacier and then use drift nets to fish it to extinction. Hey, it’s the corporate way…

vancedecker (profile) says:


The only known life in this Galaxy and Universe exists here on Earth.

Coulda, Woulda, Crap Speculative Nonsense.

There is no life on Europe, there is no life on Titan, there is no life on Mars.

You people need to get this through your thick heads already.

There is barely any life here on earth at the poles, so there isn’t gonna be any life out in our Solar System.

Life doesn’t always find a way, if it did, then mountains would be covered in Trees, but they aren’t, there is a tree line, and above that, there isn’t any life, so there isn’t life in radiation soaked outer space.

Anonymous Coward says:


Who is to say that among the possibly billions of planets out there, that one or two can’t contain some sort of primordial slime or something? It’s certainly possible, but what’s not possible is ever knowing for sure, as for one thing the universe is expanding at a rate faster than any spaceship could conceivable travel to get there, even given billions of years of travel time. As we’re basically limited to (unmanned) travel within our own solar system, all we can possibly learn is that there is no trace of life within these eight planets (and their moons), and that’s all. The rest is the stuff of fantasy and science-fiction.

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