Awesome Stuff: Black Friday Internet Freedom Edition

from the how-about-shopping-for-a-little-internet-freedom dept

We’re not publishing regular stories today, because we’re taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Instead, however, we’ve decided to publish our awesome stuff post today, rather than on Saturday. Normally, it’s a post about interesting crowdfunding options, but seeing as today’s “Black Friday,” you’re either out shopping already or you’re probably sick of everyone talking about shopping, so we decided to, instead, list out some great organizations out there that are doing amazing things to protect and preserve internet freedom. There are many more (and feel free to add them in the comments), but here are a few that we’ve worked with in the past and which we feel all of us on the internet should be, well, thankful for.

If you can help any of those groups out, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. In the meantime, you can be sure that they’re helping you out regardless.

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Comments on “Awesome Stuff: Black Friday Internet Freedom Edition”

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Cal (profile) says:

Internet freedom is important, but there will be no internet to keep free if we cannot keep the people themselves safe and free. There are sites that assist and educate you in changing and getting control of your state back such as , stopping unlawful actions on the part of the government. Sites that assist you in learning how to assist yourself in disasters.

Plus sites that train you for free to create neighborhood groups for survival when disasters strike. They teach comprehensive first aid, feeding people, best ways to stay safe, defending yourself and your family, neighbors, etc such as’s Community Preparedness Teams (Yes, the same oathkeepers that are defending small businesses and apartments, etc for free in Ferguson, Missouri):

It combines all of the necessary knowledge, skills, and organization required for a community of people, no matter where they happen to live, to be able to survive and thrive a large scale disaster scenario, and to provide the ability to rebuild and help others once the smoke has cleared… The goal of CPT is to make every neighborhood, county, and state in the country as independent, secure, and self sufficient as possible, erasing the fear of the common citizen, which ultimately thwarts the rise of tyranny within our society. A people without fear cannot be ruled.

An example of the training offered:
The latest class on combat medicine covered blood stoppage. As a prop, I fired a .308 round through a Christmas sized ham (yes, a perfectly good ham) at about 50 yards (the most common range in which contact is made). One of our resident medical experts placed a plunger and tube into the “wound” and pumped fake blood through it to add realism. We practiced applying Hemostats to the fake artery, Celox application for blood clotting, gauze insertion and packing, as well as how to use the famous “Israeli Bandage”. This presentation ended up being an excellent class, and I would love to do it again for new members in the future. Hands on training is the only way to go.

Another source for people is (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association): CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections.

These groups work to assist YOU in helping yourself, your family, your neighborhood, city, county, state, and country. I think that is pretty important also.

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