DailyDirt: Deadly Diseases Besides Ebola

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Ebola is scary. Absolutely. It’s concerning that Ebola vaccines and treatments have not been developed as quickly as other pharmaceuticals, but the current outbreak is certainly speeding up research efforts. However, the economics of developing treatments for various ailments isn’t always rational, given the examples of the wild success of the ALS ice bucket challenge and the failures of its knockoffs. If you need a reminder of other deadly diseases that still plague the world, here are just a few links on the topic.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Deadly Diseases Besides Ebola”

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art guerrilla (profile) says:

not to provoke a stampede to the exits...

but the CDC has conceded it can be spread with a cough-like aerosol in about a 3′ range…
but sneezes go about 20′, so better stay at least 25′ away from everyone…

oh, except some euro-boffins (as el reg is wont to headline) have determined approx 13% of those infected can be asymptomatic, yet still be carriers and infectious…

and did i mention they find the cold/drier conditions of winter allow it to survive about 50 days in the wild ? ? ?

but who needs a surgeon general…

Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

The “flu kills thousands every year” is questionable. I’ve heard (can’t find the source at the moment) that the figure of “30,000 flu deaths per year” comes from counting anyone who exhibited flu symptoms up to a few months before death and then subsequently died of anything in any way resembling flu symptoms. The people counted in this way are disproportionately elderly, and this methodology ends up catching a lot of people who simply did what used to be referred to as “dying of old age.”

Does anyone know anything more solid on this topic? I’ve heard the claim and it sounds like it makes sense, but that doesn’t necessarily means it’s correct.

Anonymous Coward says:

biological weapons

It’s not known how many deadly diseases have been created in United States (and former Soviet) biological weapons laboratories. The deadly (military-grade) anthrax mailings that quickly came and went over a decade ago may have been just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no question that Ebola is being looked at very closely at as a potential addition to the Pentagon’s ever-growing bological weapons stockpile.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: biological weapons

Putting on the tin foil hat –

There’s no question that Ebola is being looked at very closely at as a potential addition to the Pentagon’s ever-growing bological weapons stockpile.

It already is a part of the biological weapons stockpile. The current situation is a test of the efficacy of using ebola as a weapon against various populations.

Taking off tin foil hat –

Biological weapons development has been an ongoing field of study for many decades by many different groups (both governmental and commercial) and there has been many indicators in the biological papers area that there has been much success in the development of such weaponry.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Just a FYI to everyone...

“In 1955, he discovered the cure to Polio”

You mean polio vaccine. Even today, and as with most viral infections, there is no cure.

And due to the CIA’s fake polio vaccination program, many people across the globe are refusing to vaccinate their children for anything any more.

RonKaminsky (profile) says:

Thank you, anti-vaxxers

> There has been a re-emergence of measles, pertussis

It’s disingenuous to state this without stating the reason why: anti-vaccination propaganda has destroyed the herd immunity against these diseases in many locations.

We can trust our “mommy instincts”… to kill what? a few pro-mil of our children? (Compared with vaccination itself causing serious injury only in single digits per million, if that much).

Oh, that was “thank” with an “f”…

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