DailyDirt: Genetic Information Is Everywhere Now

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The costs of analyzing DNA have come down significantly over time, so it’s becoming increasingly common to sequence DNA and discover all kinds of biological curiosities. It’s not quite as fast and easy as they make it look on detective shows on TV, but DNA analysis has made some pretty amazing advances. Here are just a few examples of genetic testing that you might have missed.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Genetic Information Is Everywhere Now”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: DNA helps fight urban litter

I’m sure someone out there would be more than happy to send multitudes of legal sounding accusations which could be “paid” with the low low fee of only twenty dollars. Remember folks, this payment amount is well below the cost of a lawyer or even the court costs you will be charged with. The really great thing about this is the complete lack of evidence requirements.

Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

I Wonder If Religionists Even Think Of These Questions ...

* To those who claim that a soul is created at conception, what about identical twins, born from a single conception? Can a soul split into two? And what about chimeras, where two separate eggs fuse into a single individual? Does that person have two souls?
* To those who ask “where do we go when we die?”, the obvious rejoinder is “where do we come from when we’re born?”.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I Wonder If Religionists Even Think Of These Questions ...

No one knows that.

What is known/believed to be known, 2 kinds of humans have been created.

1 With soul Adam & Eve were the first of these.
1 Without soul, which have signs in the bible these folks most likely have predated Adam and Eve.

What comes before and after corporeal life has been and will remain a mystery regardless of how advanced technology gets.

Anon E Mouse says:

No test can “determine gender.” That’s something you learn by asking the individual. The actual story headline got it right: “A Blood Test Determines a Baby’s Sex Earlier than Ever” Why did techdirt feel the need to change it? SEX can be determined at 7 weeks.. not gender, which is a totally different concept. Learn it.

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